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Six Ways To Help Small Business Owners Expand Their Reach In The Global Marketplace

First, let me say this article is not just for consumers of small businesses, but the invidiuals who operate companies too. We can all learn how to help a company expand their reach in order to grow in a global marketplace. Starting a small business is a plethora of work that most people will never realize. Even when running a company you never actually understand the valleys or mountains you climb until they appear before you. As a supporter of small business, you can lend a hand to the owner by doing one of these things.

Don’t Ask For A Discount

Trust me; I understand wanting to save money when it comes to making purchases for yourself, home or whatever else. When you’re pay full price for an item or service, you’re telling the business owner I appericate the hours you put into your business, I understand the time it took to learn your craft and many other things. You see we struggle to believe in our dreams on a daily basis, but when someone supports us without a discount they are cosigning your dreams.

Word Of Mouth

Be the street team for small businesss by sharing with other people. To the life of me, I don’t understand why people refuse to share where they purchased something from. They want to keep it a secret. Or better yet, people have told me they don’t share my services because “I am their consultant.” When you brands as a secret you’re hurting the business growth for that individual. Limiting not only the stream of cash flow, but growing their audience and appeal in the global market. I love sharing products I have purchased or discussing how someones services have helped me grow my business.

Quarterly Support

I understand living on a budget does not make it feasible to just go spulrging every month on some goodies. However, what if you decided to support several businesses quarterly. You purchase from a small business every three months versus buying something monthly. Make it a goal to spend $30 a quarter with one business you really love and want to see grow. Think about this for a second if 100 people spent $35 a month in one store that would be $3500 in reveune for a business owner. That makes $42,000 in sales before taxes, legal and all other fees it takes for a business to sustain itself. Over a year thats only 1200 poeple supporting. If you’re currently struggling with making a certain reveune level, I suggest reading the series on making $35,000, $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000+ in sales a year.

Learn how you can lend a helping hand to other business owners. | Imperfect Concepts

Social Sharing

As I stated above money can be tight when on a budget and it’s not feasiable at this moment to buy a product or service. One of my favorite things to do is share on social media companies that are bomb.com that way others can learn about them too. Four years ago, I started supporting Bouq that is a floral company based in California. I personal know social sharing has had a small impacted on bring awareness to their brand. Friends, family or clients who were using other companies have stopped and solely use Bouq now. Even if you have never purchased from someone, but they are you’re bestie schedule some tweets or shout them out on Facebook.

Shoot Out The Email For Them

Last month, I spoke at Polished Austin monthly luncheon to a wonderful group of women. After speaking several women walked up to me wanting to connect. One woman in general said she would love to connect me with another woman regarding her project. We were able to connect regarding her project, and I offered any insight she might needed. One thing, I knew I wanted to do especially was connect her with others that could further the project even more. Shooting that email out for someone can change that business trajecroty.

Pray For Them

One of the best things you can do for me, is pray. I believe that prayer can heal, uplift, strengthen and much more. It is essential aspect of my business growth plan because God is all up in my comapny. Taking the time to pray for the success of an indiviudals company means so much to them. We as business owners are going through so much, not just in business but in personal life too.

Personally, I feel that everyone can win and succeed in their dreams. For this to happen, people must remove their crab from a barrel mentalaity and help each other. Doing one of these several things can lend a help to someone who is trying to grow their reach.

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