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How To Make $75,000 In Sales A Year

In this How To Make four part series, I have covered $35,000 in sales and $50,000 in sales thus far. Today, we are taking a leap up to making $75,000 in sales a year which is a dream for a lot of small business owners who want to quit their 9 to 5 in order to pursue their dreams. For almost two years I was stuck between $50,000 and $75,000 in sales a year. When you break a financial cap it motivates you to go to the next level. Finally, I will share how you can achieve $100,000 or more in sales a year for your small business.

Breaking Down The Numbers

So, as normal let me break down the numbers for making $75,000 in sales

Yearly = $75,000
Quarterly 1 = $18,750
Quarterly 2 = $18,750
Quarterly 3 = $18,750
Quarterly 4 = $18,750
Monthly = $6,250
Weekly = $1442
Daily = $205

Local Marketing

You can say I am on this local kick when it comes to small businesses. I am not anti social media marketing or email marketing, I will tell you to leverage both marketing tools to your best skill level. However, so many small business owners are losing out on so much money because of their laser focus on being a global force. One thing, I make a majority of my clients do is host trunk shows, set up at market or do vendor opportunities. This is huge for small business owners who want to make a presence known in their local community and fuel sales when they are not coming in online. One client has farmers markets every Saturday and Sunday. The first couple times, people stopped by and then it started picking up.

I am farmers market girl, when I lived in Dallas I would walk to the other side of downtown twice a week to go to the local farmers market. Seeing the regulars I bought from and stopping in on other peoples booths. Remember, there are people in your city who need to discover you. Figure out how can set up market somewhere to get your name out there.

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Diversify Platforms

One of the best things you can do after you have increased your pricing is getting your product out there on other mediums for people to discover online. If your products handmade or digital Etsy is a really great place to sell. When people shop on Etsy they know they are supporting a small business owner, knowing they will be paying a little more because it is handcrafted from someone. Even if you have a t-shirt line that is produced by a screen printing company you can sell on Etsy. I have bought so many cute shirts for myself, friends and niece on their. If you’re a service company with digital products, check out these 13 different platforms to sell on. Now, if you do not have passive income that is something you need to add to the line up. Learn how to a stream of passive income in your sleep.

Money Management

This might seem small to you but once I started making more money one of the first things I should’ve did was get better at managing my income. That was the last thought I had actually, I was just excited to see an increase. However, I highly suggest start putting money management on the books. One day, a week at two hours at time to make sure is aligning with income, expenses and more. In addition, to that I would suggest finding away to cut your expenses and overhead in half. Review where you are spending the most and see where cuts can be made.

Remember, it takes doing the information from making $30,000 and $50,000 in sales to help fuel making the $75,000 in sales a year. Once, you have combined all that together you have a really great game plan on how you can achieve your sales goal this year.

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