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How To Make $100,000+ A Year In Sales

First, sorry it has taken me so long to write this post on “How To Make $100,000 In Sales A Year” or better yet break the six-figure revenue stream. Trust me; it was something I wanted to do, but there was no significant response to the other three parts of the series. So, I completely let the ball drop. Then recently someone mentioned in a Facebook group how they were tired of the bait and switch of how to create the code of making a six-figure income. 

If you don’t know what that means, let me shade some light for you quickly. More creatives are selling courses, ebooks, or webinars on the subject matter but never really touching on how to achieve it. They might have tiered level products that suppose that get you there but you already spent $497, and now they are asking for $2997. Eek! That’s a no-go. Quick tip, the fastest way to make a million dollars is to sell a book, eCourse, or host a seminar on it. People will flock to it because most people have the aspirations to be a millionaire without working for it.

Breaking Down The Numbers

As we did in the how to make $35,000, $50,000, and $75,000 in sales post. I am going to break the numbers down for you. I am more of a number girl now. Seeing the numbers makes things real and gives me something to work towards. When you only focus on the large number you become paralyzed because it seems too hard to achieve. Just in case you do not know, quarters are broken down into three months making four quarters a year. 

Yearly = $100,000

Quarterly 1 = $25,000

Quarterly 2 = $25,000

Quarterly 3 = $25,00

Quarterly 4 = $25,000

Monthly = $8,333.33

Weekly = $1,923.07

Daily = $273.97

Seeing these numbers makes it seem so much achievable to be completely honest. When I see $273 a day, that’s one consultation for me. My one-on-one consulting is $375 an hour. When you are trying to achieve a financial goal, always break the numbers down to something relatable. For example, say you wanted to save $500 by December 31st. You have 33 days until the 31st of December that equates to $15 a day. How can you save $15 a day? One of the quickest ways is cutting going out to eat and going to Starbucks. Smaller numbers are easier to focus on and achieve.

Level Up

So one of the biggest things when you want to break the $100,000 or more revenue stream you have to have a higher price point in all areas. It takes more sales to make six figures when the numbers are smaller. Using the example of my consultations, I would need to do 22 consultations a month. OMG, I would be burned out each and every day if I did that. As a service based company that engages her customers, I take on people’s energies and vibes. I would need to sage myself down every night!

Honest, no fluff way your company can make six figures or more with these complete breakdown. | Imperfect Concepts

You need to focus your marketing on higher ticket items if you’re a product or service-based company. Yes, higher price products cost you more money to purchase, but you make more of those items. One of the ways I was able to level up my revenue streams was through bigger clients. Every website needs call-to-action banners. Most people focus their call-to-action banners on New Products, Sale Items, or Entry Level Service. Take the time to create CTA’s that direct person to your higher price item. Then when they are looking at products make sure you have a cross-promotion plugin installed. Where it states customers “bought similar items” “related items” or “looked at this” The higher ticket might not be a top seller, but you get eyes on it.

Here are three articles on CTA you need to read:

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Change Your Audience Trajectory

Love working one on one with business owners, but I believe one on one work should not break the bank. Especially, when there are a plethora of resources out there. Last year, I worked with several clients who were $10,000 clients. You’re problem thinking I would love a client or customer like that. You can have them too! Who are you marketing to? Who are you hanging out with? What are you doing? See, I was so focused on helping and reaching people similar to me. I need to reach to people with bigger wallets seeking my guidance. There is always a niche within a niche. The creative business market is huge with women and men all over the world. If you’re, a service-based company that helps people in this industry narrow the reach to a smaller group, but that has a vast of individuals in that segment.

You change your audience trajectory by studying and discovering who they are. I am always studying my industry but cities too. What major companies are in this or that city? What do homeownership and disposable income look like in the community? Then market to that. I realized to land bigger clients I need someone who knew them. I found the connection that did the introduction for me. One of the best things, I did for my business was map out my target audience profile, so I reached the right people, not just anyone.


To make money, you need to invest money. As a business consultant, one of the biggest struggles I face is getting my clients to understand the need to invest the capital into their marketing and advertising. If you did Facebook marketing at $5 a day for a year, you would invest $1,825 into your business. That’s super small when you think about it because on average that is $152 a month. No matter, how much people gripe about Facebook being pay to play they have your target audience. You are ignoring your target audience because of a low cost of $152 a month.

In another great investment, is being your street team and passing first purchase cards out to your audience. Last week, I showed you how to design these cards. They are also low-cost entry to marketing your business. Some people will tell you to guest post on blogs and stuff like that. Honestly, that doesn’t work. I have guest blogged numerous times, and it brought me small page views from people who receive 100,000 views a month. On average only 2% of individuals wake up wanting to buy something. This is why consistent marketing to people’s subconscious is important by doing paid advertising.

Local Audience

One of the biggest examples I give people is if they could obtain 1% of their local town as repeat customers or clients what would it do for them. If I gained 1% of my cities population as repeat consulting clients or digital product purchases, I would have 1,300 people supporting me a year. I totally get wanting to be a household name worldwide, but so many times the market which is needing our products or service is in our local community. For example, if you’re a website designer or graphic designer how many small businesses are in your town? Go down to the Chamber of Commerce and look through the directory. Then cold pitch each one regarding your services. The same for product-based businesses. There is someone out there in your city who wants to support a local business over Jcrew or Target. When you’re sitting at Starbucks or a coffee shop have your products on the table out for people to see. Create a reason to have a conversation.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Lastly, there are some issues you need to start asking several questions if you want to go higher revenue stream.

  • What is my target audience’s disposable income?
  • Where does my target audience live and do for a living?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice to go higher?
  • Where am I wasting time and money in my business?
  • Do I need to bring on help to move me forward?
  • What areas of my business need drastic improvement?
  • How is my company currently being portrayed to the world?
  • What investments am I currently making to grow my business?
  • What is my companies percentile growth over the last three years?
  • What is the estimated difference in bringing six figures from my current revenue level?
  • Is my company making a profit monthly, quarterly and yearly?

Most people want to make more money in their business, but they do not ask the heavy questions that can help them get there. One of the key ingredients to achieve the six-figure business revenue is hitting the lower levels too. Make sure you read about making $35,000 a year, $50,000 a year, and $75,000 a year.

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