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Pricing for Freelance

Some may not know this, but I am trying to become a freelance copywriter/copyeditor. Being the lovely lady Tasha is has helped me make my own website and has shown me a lot about how freelance works. If there are any writers, web designers, or graphic designers out there that are stressing out about how much freelance should cost, I’m right there with you! It is really hard, and I never thought it would be, to price my writing. Here are some helpful tips that I have picked up along the way:

Here is a quote from Writersmarket.com,

“think about the earning potential of your work and how you can make freelancing more profitable and fun. Know your numbers: what it costs to run your business; what hourly rate they require; how long a job will take. Unless there’s a real bonus (a special clip, or a chance to try something new), turn down work that doesn’t meet the mark and replace it with a better-paying project” (Article Title: How Much Should I Charge).

Know Your Numbers

This means, know how much it costs per word for you to write an article. Factor in time/word, food, convenience, and quality. (Writers don’t like math), how much does it cost you to write 500 words? It takes me about an hour to write that, so I charge $10.00/ article. However, I do not let people buy one article because that would be spreading myself to things. I have them buy a package; that way, I am making a good chunk of money.

What it Costs to Run Your Business

Factor in food, supplies, internet connection, and cell phone bills. This stuff all goes into writing, web design, and graphic design, so charge a little extra for those things. It would be best if you put yourself first. If I don’t have that coffee and a bagel while I’m writing articles, they will not be well written. (I’m just speaking the truth here).

What is Your Hourly Rate

If you’re not writing a whole article, designing a whole website, or making a whole graphic, what do you charge for the little things? What do you charge for stuff like editing emails, writing product descriptions, or maintenance? Charge by the hour, and pay yourself what you think you’re worth. If you’re just starting, charge less but don’t be unfamiliar with how much seniors in your field make. Charge a little less as a newbie, but don’t undercharge and make customers suspicious.

How Long Will a Job Take

Time is money, and the time you set aside to write for another person is valuable. If you could be doing something else: writing your own stuff, doing homework, working a service industry job, bartending, catching up on sleep–a factor that into your price. There is a lot of effort put into making the customer happy, and if you don’t do a good job on an article the first time, you often have to write it again. Take the time necessary to write a “good” article, and don’t rush yourself just because you aren’t getting paid properly.

Lastly, if you’re happy, your customer will be happy. In the long run, pricing should be fair, and they will appreciate you for it. Don’t worry about charging too much–if it’s fair.

Do you think the pricing is as difficult as I do? Do you find similarities in your business’ pricing and freelance pricing? Share your thoughts below!

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