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Establishing SMART Goals For The Year

“New Year, New You” is one of the most popular saying the first few weeks of a new calendar year. Heck, we all want to live a better life. The only issue with wanting a new life is most individuals do not want to commit to the plans that are tied to ensuring the success of their new lifestyle change. 

Yesterday, in 8 Ways To Align Your Business For Success, we touched on SMART Goals just a little bit. Today, I am going to break this down even more. I learned of SMART Goals a long time ago but never really implemented them in my life. Like most things it wasn’t the “right time” for me. I am a firm believer that things come into our life and we can receive the blessing of said things when it’s the right time.

Establishing SMART Goals For The Year

What are SMART Goals?

SMART Goals are: (S)pecific, (M)easurable, (A)chievable, (R)elevant, and (T)ime Bound Goals. They follow this order each and every time.

Why should I use this goal method?

Using this method in creating your goals gives you more accountability. Instead of saying, “Oh I want to make $5K a month”, try making a SMART goal. For example-

(S)pecific: In 2015, I want ICB Consults goal to be to make $160,000K in yearly sales; a combination of digital product, consultation, and workshop sales.

(M)easurable: I will measure the success of my goal by sales received, workshop gigs booked, consultations obtained, and my companies overall growth from 2015 compared to 2014.

(A)chievable: Every month I must make roughly $14K in sales to achieve this goal. I will sell x amount of digital products, I will increase my consultation rates to x amount, and I will seek out higher paying workshop gigs.

(R)elevant: This goal is aligned with helping my business grow to new heights. In order to become an expert in my field I must dominate within my industries producing results for users of products, services, and more.

(T)ime Bound: The goal is to make $160,000 by December 31st, 2015. However, every month and each quarter I have to be hitting a certain number in sales and bookings to achieve this six figure income in 12 months.

Does this method of goal setting work for my personal AND business life?

Yes. I believe the same principles used in your personal life goals can be translated to your business life goals. You must be committed to the SMART Goals no matter if it is business or personal. You want to be very specific when creating these goals especially for business.

SMART Business Goal Worksheet

Today is the day to sit down and make SMART goals for your business as well as personal life. If you want the change to happen in your life don’t wait another day to do so. Get focused on what you want, so your lifestyle with align with your dreams and goals. I have designed SMART Goal worksheets. You can purchase them on ICB Consults website or ICB Consults on Etsy.

What SMART Goals will you be making for your business and personal life in 2015?

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