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Three Styles of Call To Action For Holiday

Holiday season is fast approaching, and the best way to ensure that your sales are up during that time of year is to prepare now. We have discussed the importance of calls to action before. If you are unfamiliar with what a CTA banner is brush up by reading our How To Create Calls of Action article.

Direct Sale

Are you looking to sale 3-5 items that have been in stock for a while but for some reason they are not moving off the shelves? Its time to employ the direct sale call to action banner. These banners specifically focus on those items. You will curate them in different styles to showcase them in different elements. Let the customer see they can take that shirt from day to night. Or show them how those one pair of earrings are the perfect gift no matter the person’s age! Great for white elephant, secret Santa, and more!

Deal of A Lifetime

This is not the time to be frugal with the discounts. Everyone has them and you will lose out if you don’t join the party. Yep, you are going to cave into peer pressure and do what the crowd is doing! Recently, I shared with Carrie, our marketing contributor, my plans for ICB Consults new product. When I told her the strategy she was “wowed”. That’s exactly what you want to do. If your discount is under 30% off, that’s a regular day at the park deal.

This style of call to action banner is great for the store that is trying to move merchandise so they can refocus their company. Is there a chance you will lose money? Yes, very likely but sitting on merchandise for another 12 months because it’s not selling isn’t worth it. Deep discount. Think 50% off all merchandise and additional 40% off clearance. Everybody loves a buy one get one free sale.

The Upsell

When ShopBop or Neiman’s does “Spend $250, Save $75” campaigns more items magically end up in the cart. Why? Because I want to “save” more money! Who doesn’t love a deal? No, woman ever said “keep the savings I want to just give you all my hard earned cash”. Put your heavy hitters out that will cause your customers to add more to their cart. This is the same equivalent of “Free Shipping with $75 minimum” purchase! Your higher price items need to appeal to them being rewarded for purchasing them. One bracelet is not going to save them $75 dollars. However, if they buy the Pave Keepsake necklace for $175 and several other trinkets then they have full confidence that their saving. Think about it this way. Pandora says if you spend $100 on charms we will give you the bracelet for free. They are upselling you.

How can you employ the direct sale, deal of a lifetime, and the upsell into your call to action banners for this holiday season? Visually sell a customer with their eyes first and you will appeal to their wallets.

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