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Establishing Better Email Marketing That Produces Results

Open Rate, Click Through Rate, and Segmentation might all run through your mind when it comes to email marketing. What also might be running through your mind is, how you can establish better email marketing that produces results for your business.

Outlining, creating, designing, and writing content for your newsletters can be an abundance of work. Trust me, I know this first hand. However, there are a couple of things you can do today, to help produce better results for your email marketing.


In the end, it’s all about how everything is packaged together. You have to think about mobile and desktop viewers. You want them to both have a pleasant experience when looking at your content. One thing I love about Mailchimp is that they allow you to see a preview of how your audience will see the newsletter before you send it. You can even purchase template designs for it with Bluchic.

Subject Lines

Target has been literately killing it with their subject lines — “B is For Baby.” {I don’t have any kids but I clicked} and “May The 4th Be With You” {The Star Wars nerd in me clicked}. These two subject lines got me to click and shop around. I shared both with others. Be witty and have fun with your titles. If you use Mailchimp, they have an emoji option you can use. Being direct is also a great way to get clicks.

Balance of Content

Too much text or too many graphics is not going to work well. Here is a great breakdown to help with balancing:

  • Banner
  • Text
  • Graphic + Text
  • Graphic + Graphic
  • Text
  • Social Media Icons

Don’t just plaster a bunch of graphic images on there with the hope of getting some extra clicks. A well-designed newsletter will have viewers looking from bottom to top. Somewhere between all that a call-to-action will make them actually click.

Several tips you can use today to increase your email marketing results. | Imperfect Concepts #mailchimp #emailmarketing #smallbusiness

Call To Actions

Are not just banners, they can also be text added to email marketing. Using brighter colors, headers, and underlines help your audience recognize that this information is important and that they should check it out. To be honest, text or graphics about sales don’t make me automatically click. Give me direct instructions on what is happening – Subject line: 50% off all Summer items. Graphic: Summer items in curated image with text next to it saying what Summer items are on sale. Plus, a link to shop the sale. Read Articles on: Understanding Call To Actions For Your Website & Newsletter

Opt-in The Heck Out of It

I have not set up an opt-in for my business, just yet. Personally, I am not a fan of the pop up that appears on the site 15 seconds after I arrive on it. However, I know this is how millions of people increase their subscriber numbers. Make sure you either have a pop-up, sign-up page, or a link on the footer for them to opt in.

Clean Up Your List

Sorry boo boo, I know you just amassed 10,000 newsletter subscribers, but they’re not all clicking. You need to segment your audience. Reward those who are doing work. They are reading, sharing, and more. Recently, several people tweeted links I shared in the newsletter and credited me for the share.

Welcome Them

You should never enter a room without saying hello. Make sure you have a subscriber welcome letter to send out to your email list. Tell them thanks. Let them know what they are going to receive in the newsletter. A simple hello goes along way.

Time to step up your email marketing, by producing content that brings results to your business. Email marketing is easy and simple to do. Just commit to it.

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