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How To Automate Your Social Media

People don’t realize running a small business is a tremendous amount of work; handling customer service, products, the website, accounting, social media, marketing and so much more. Determining what to do on what day can be hard decision. Any one of those things can get the short end of the stick if you are not utilizing tools to establish a schedule for success. We live in an automotive world and the great thing about that is you can outsource some of your work. If you don’t have the funds to hire an actual social media manager you can use these tools below to maximize your time.


Helps you manage multiple social media accounts all in one place. You can schedule your media content, post updates, videos, and more from the website. In addition to working with your team and you can see the stats on how your post are working with your audience. Sign up for Buffer here.

Sprout Social

Is a social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence. They have a full list of integrated tools, to help ensure you are maximizing your efforts on social media networks of your choice. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial at Sprout Social


Is a social media management dashboard where you can monitor your companies various networks. Seamlessly scheduling your videos, media content, post updates and more with a simple click. It’s very user-friendly and especially for a small business owner. If this sounds helpful to your business you should consider signing up for Hootsuite.


Instagram seems to be the most popular social media platform for the small business owner. Latergram helps those with hectic schedules post their videos or photos seamlessly with this app. You can use it on the web, tablet, or phone. Stay popular by signing up for Latergram.


ViralWoot formerly PinWoot, is a program that allows users to pin, re-pin, and share on Pinterest. Pin scheduler will allow you to schedule your pins at the best time for your business. It’s very handy if you want to make sure your business’ presence is apparent during peak hours. You can sign up for ViralWoot at this link.

Are you using any automotive tools to help free up your time from your social media? If so, which ones do you prefer?

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