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7 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Following

Everyone wants to amass millions of social media followers, with the hopes that they will boost their business. I am going to be honest, you can get 1,000 followers per second and still not increase sales. However, if you follow these seven ways to increase your social media following, you will gain a loyal audience. That’s what matters most, an audience that can help you sale $10,000 A Month In Digital Sales. Small audiences are powerful, too.

Be Consistent

At the end of June, I proposed a challenge to my consulting clients about being consistent with their social media, blogging, and email marketing. I saw several of them fall off social media for days or weeks at a time. This generation checks their phones on average every seven seconds. You should be consistently on your various platforms connecting with your audience. Create a schedule that works for you. Many people will try to do a million things at once. If you can only blog once a month and send a newsletter once a month, stick to that. Don’t try to do it daily. You will put out sub par content. In addition to that, you can automate your social media to help you, as well.

Be Cohesive

Is your brand the same no matter the medium someone follows you on? I don’t mean, do you share the exact some content, even though that’s a no no. I’m talking about the imagery, the content, and who your business is. This is extremely important. When a brand is too many things, on too many different platforms, it will confuse its audience members. They won’t know who the brand really is or what they stand for. Imperfect Concepts is about empowering women business owners; helping them succeed on their terms. I showcase my personal viewpoints on business and what it’s like to run a business.

Share Others Information

Follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to social media. Even on your own page, you can stop “selling” for a moment and highlight other aspects of life or business. In my newsletter, I love sharing about other people’s company’s and what they are doing. On Instagram, I love giving shout outs to friends, and on here, I am always advertising other businesses. Make sure you’re celebrating others by sharing their information. This is also a great way to network.

Engage Your Current Audience

Stop ignoring these people. The best form of advertising comes from your current customers. They are the ones who have been loyal and are sharing your brand with others. I smile ear to ear when someone tags someone and says “this is the person I told you to follow”. Make sure you are communicating with them. On Sunday’s, I ask my audience for their weekly goal’s. On Friday’s, we celebrate those wins with “Fri <3 Yay” post. You don’t have to ask a question to engage. Simply start a conversation.

How I was able to increase my social media following, engagement and more. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness #SocialMedia

Understand How The Medium Works

This is extremely important. Stop pushing the same content on every platform. This is annoying and makes people want to un-follow you. Why does your audience need to follow you on all platforms if it’s the exact same thing each time. Curate the content. On Google+, I started sharing several behind the scenes photos that weren’t shared on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even Pinterest. Learn what works for each platform and create a specific plan for it.

Use Beautiful Imagery

A vast majority of women love pretty images. It’s very simple, we love looking at nice things. Invest in either, purchasing stocked photography or learn how to take them yourselves. Flatlay images is huge on Instagram; they’re a great for a boutique. You don’t need to buy a million pieces, use your store’s images, plus the stuff you already have. If you need inspiration on how to create outfits around your pieces, search Pinterest. People are drawn to beautiful things. Before you share an image or even a graphic with a quote on it, remember that.

Know That It Takes Time To Build A Genuine Audience

This is the most important aspect on the list. It truly takes time to create a loyal audience, who will support you no matter what. When I decided to close my store to focus on digital content and consulting; emails, tweets, and comments  came in saying they would follow me no matter where I go business wise. That was huge to me. I have people in my audience who are brand loyalist to Imperfect Concepts. They buy all of my digital products, follow me on social media platforms, and share my business constantly. You want loyalist.

My social media following is lower in numbers compared those in the thousands or millions. However, it generates a high revenue stream for my business. My audience trust me, and I focus on building solid relationships with them. Doing these tips has landed me interviews, partnerships, and an amazing audience.

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