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How To Maximize Small Business Saturday

Are you just focused on the rush of Black Friday? Most small businesses are so wrapped up in that, that they forget to put any effort towards Small Business Saturday. The same effort put forth into Black Friday needs to be put into Small Business Saturday, so your company sees a return on investment for those three days of sales.

Custom Hashtag

You want to personalize this day for your small business. Yes, it’s a day for millions of small businesses but everyone will be using the #SmallBizSat or #SmallBizSaturday hashtag, your images or messages will be drowned in a sea of others. In one on one coaching, I always suggest clients create hashtags that relate to their business. This will help keep track of your messages, content, and more. This is a great way for customers to be involved on the day. #ICBConsultsSBS is the hashtag I like to use. Then I can repost, share, and retweet what my clients are sharing and posting.

Special Newsletter

You should be conveying your brand story every day via your website, social media and more. However, on Small Business Saturday you can really uplift your story to the masses by sending out your story newsletter. Year In Review infographics are huge across the web. You can make your own and share it with your subscribers. Tell your subscribers why you started, how you got the idea, etc. You are selling to people’s emotions.

Pass Out Fliers

As mentioned, in the How To Do Holiday Marketing Campaign on A Budget, pass out fliers in your local community. This is something you can do for less than $50 including designing and printing of them. For the next couple of weeks, go to the heavy traffic areas of your city and pass out fliers with your deals for Small Business Saturday. Make this flier with a promo code unique to your local community. That way when people insert the promo code or buy a specific product you know the lead came from the filers you passed out in your community.

Social Media Strategy

How are you going to run social media on this day? You have several options. Sharing clients thoughts and photos. Creating visually appealing images that help entice followers to support you. I would suggest commissioning a custom graphic from someone on Fiverr and then sharing it on your platforms. Include your custom hashtag and more.

Partnership With Other Business

If you are an online business you can cross promote with other small businesses to share their product or services. I plan on sharing clients’ and friends’ deals that day. To bring more awareness to their product or service. You can send out a newsletter with several small businesses that most people are not familiar with, to help promote and support those businesses on Small Business Saturday.

How can you utilize these three tips to help ensure you maximize Small Business Saturday for your small business?

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