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5 Benefits Of Shopping Your Closet

If you are like most American women you have a mall for a closet and don’t even realize the benefits of having so many options at your disposal. There are several benefits of shopping your closet for your personal life. 

Extra Cash

Selling clothes out of my closet launched my first business. Carrie Bardshaw said “I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet. Not I, I rather see the money adding up in my bank account. This is the perfect time to do a closet clean out for yourself and family members, if necessary. Taking the in season pieces to local consignment shops. If you are high-tech person you can sign up for Depop or Poshmark to sell through their website. Your final option is set up your own store front on eBay, Etsy, or your own website.

Style Challenge

Have you been in a style rut feeling you have nothing to wear? Create a style inspiration board on Pinterest. Then use these styles to create a “challenge” for your looks. This will help you maximize all the pieces in your wardrobe. This is a perfect challenge to share with your social media followers. If you are a blogger, this is something you can create a series out of for your blog.

Dress For Success

In the first point you made piles of clothes. One of those should be for donations. There are numerous organizations that take clothing donations. However, I would look for places that support “Dress For Success”. This is a great organization that helps women get back into the work place. Also look for non-profits that help women who have survived domestic abuse.


Are you trying to lose weight and start the new year off a couple of sizes smaller? If you are like most people you have an outfit that is two or three sizes too small. Use that piece as motivation to change to a healthier lifestyle.


Women tend to say they have nothing to wear faster than men. When we have 200 pairs of shoes, 10 black blazers, 20 laces dresses and more. Taking something so simple as our wardrobe for granted and the privilege we have. Being thankful what you have is so important. Especially around this time of the year. The news will highlight people who have lost their homes, jobs, and more. Not having something to wear when you have all those things seems very trivial in the grand scheme of things.

How can you use one of these five benefits of shopping from your closet to help you grow in your personal life?

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