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How To Do Holiday Marketing Campaign On A Budget

One thing that is common amongst those who start a small business is a tight or non-existent budget for their company’s holiday marketing campaign. Which is understandable and at the same time fixable. To help you make the most of your holiday season for your small business, we have created a how to on holiday marketing campaigns for various budget levels. This will help you maximize your dollar and get a great investment return.

$100 Holiday Marketing Campaign Budget

If money is extremely tight this holiday season for your small business or you are just starting out…Here are five things you can do on your $100 marketing campaign budget.

How To Do Holiday Marketing Campaign On A $100 Budget #imperfectconcepts

You will be focusing your efforts on your social media and website with this small budget. Hiring a graphic designer from Fiverr to create your Call To Action banners, social media graphics or more. The big thing is to get a post card size mailer created. Send them out to all past clients. Last year we spent $25 on a design and $30 on printing and stamps.

$275 Holiday Marketing Campaign Budget

In this budget you have a little more wiggle room for your small business. This room is to really focus on the blogger or brand ambassador that can help your business.

How To Do A Holiday Marketing Campaign On A $275 Budget

Finding the right blogger for a sponsor post is going to be essential. You want to lock this down now verses later. Trying to stick to the $125 sponsor post. Some bloggers are doing gift guides for $75 a piece. There is a chance you can get a post and a gift guide feature. Which can be huge!

$500 Holiday Marketing Campaign Budget

Now we are talking with this $500 budget for your holiday marketing campaign. You have all the things from the two previous budgets in this one but you focus is on promoting your business locally with the 500 fliers that you create and pass out. Making your local community aware of your business is essential for growth. Made in America or Small Business is a huge focal point around this time a year. Leverage it.

How To Do Holiday Marketing Campaign On A $500 Budget #imperfectconcepts

$1500 Holiday Marketing Campaign Budget

Well hello big spender with the $1500 budget for your holiday marketing campaign. You can do so much with this money but you cannot go over board. You have to stay very focused on what you want to accomplish.

How To Do Holiday Marketing Campaign On A $1500 Budget #imperfectconcepts

Two main things to focus on with this budget is, first, doing a holiday look book for your small business. You don’t have to have a huge budget. $300 goes a long way if you have some local connections with photographers and more. Read “Lack of Money Doesn’t Stop This Train”. The second focus is a holiday trunk show! This is the perfect way to really bring in the local community to your business. Once again a lot of money does not need to be spent. You can rent a suite at a hotel and serve cupcakes and wine. Hire a photographer and boom.

*Please note you will need graphics for each corresponding number next to the task. For example, you will be creating three different call to action banners or four different social media graphics (Instagram).

Now that we have broken down what you can do on these various budget levels, how are you going to tackle your holiday marketing campaigns and plans for this season?

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