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3 Ways To Update Your Social Media Profiles

Do you feel like your social media presence is stagnant or that you’re lacking growth with your numbers and audience engagement? This might be something that has come across your mind once or twice in the last couple of months. There is a quick fix to those problems that won’t cost you more than $20 if you choose invest money into it. 

Design of Platforms

You have a lot of room for customization when it comes to how your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr look. One of my favorite things about MySpace was that I got to design my backgrounds, add music, and the list goes on. Even though that was almost a decade ago, social media platforms have advanced even further since then. On Imperfect Concepts and ICB Consults Twitter cover photos I display current digital products or articles. The same for Facebook covers. As we discussed in Create & Design Facebook Fan page you can add several elements to your page.

If you want to do the designing yourself you can learn about Online DIY Graphic Designer Tools. If you are not graphic savvy you can hire someone from Fiverr to handle it. 3 Ways To Update Your Social Media Profiles

Updated Bios

As simple as this sounds most people do not have a complete biography in their bio section of their profile. They are missing key elements that will entice users to want to follow them. Anonymous doesn’t work for a conglomerate, it will not work for your mom and pop small business. Your name, contact, and small tad bits about your business. An added bonus is listing where you are located. Several of my followers who are stopping by Austin always ask can they go get coffee with me while they are visiting town.

Extra bonus leave promo codes in bio area for customers.

Direct Links For Sale

One thing I started doing mid last year was updating the direct link on Instagram with the latest article. This helps navigation become easier when later in the day I share a photo of the article. Instead of, users having to go to the site and then scroll to find the article. They can go directly to the piece and leave a comment. Also, on ICB Consults social media page I’m able to link directly to my products. By doing this, you will help reduce customers asking where can they find specific links on your site. Direct them to “shop section” versus the main landing page. Decreasing bounce rate.

Bonus Tip: Twitter and Facebook allow you to pin a post to the top of your page. Say you want to share something important with your audience and want to make sure new users see it too. You can pin it to the top and new followers can see the message you shared weeks or months ago. This is a great way to highlight positive things going on with your business.

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