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Ask An Expert: Publicist

The B3Vision Group, founded in 2010, is a full service beauty, entertainment and fashion public relations firm, where we are always accessible to our clients and the attention to them is always personalized. We are creative, innovative and responsive individuals who are passionately focused on the needs of our clients. Our success is measured by our relationships, our ethical approach to achieve results for our clients and our determination to be the best at what we do. We are committed to delivering informed, media-saavy public relations services based on superior industry knowledge, a complete and thorough understanding of the issues that affect both our clients and their respective target audiences and a genuine enthusiasm for what we do.

What is PR? – PR stands for “public relations”. Public relations to me is about managing a business/brand’s reputation – the result of what you say, what you do and what others (your customers and the general public) think about you. PR shapes and maintains the image of a business/brand in the eyes of the public.

Why does my small business or brand need it? I recommend hiring a professional for this not only to save time, but to get a PR plan crafted ESPECIALLY FOR YOU and business. A pr professional is a necessity for you to gain success and achieve the results you need and want.

What should I look for an a PR specialist? A pr specialist should be honest with you and should manage your expectations thoroughly and correctly. (Never listen to anyone that says you will have results in 1 month with PR – it will not happen! Yes, you will have success, but only Jesus himself can perform those kinds of miracles.) They should be honest, should speak knowledgeably about their craft, have years of PROVEN experience, specialize in your business/brand field, be able to communicate effectively both ORALLY and WRITTEN, understand your needs as a client, and have the time to take you on as a client.

Are all PR firms created equally? No. All PR firms are not created equally. Some PR companies have only been in business for 6 months, while others have been around for years. (Does that make a difference? Yes, most times it does! Someone that has been in business for years can more than likely craft a better PR plan for you – and EXECUTE IT SUCCESSFULLY – than a newbie can. Does that mean that a newbie CANNOT do the job? No, it doesn’t.) Some are huge firms with hundreds of clients, while others (like mine) are boutique firms with a handful of clients. Most boutique PR firms do specialize – for example, I specialize in beauty, fashion and entertainment PR, because that’s what I love. There are firms that specialize in financial PR – I would advise a fashion business/brand NOT to go with that particular PR company because they aren’t experienced in your field.

I heard hiring a PR firm is expensive is that true? Not all the time, but you do get what you pay for. With a larger and more established firm, you will pay more – that is to be expected, However, I’ve seen people charging $100-200 a month for PR and quite frankly, it disturbs me. That’s like going to McDonald’s, getting a cheeseburger off the dollar menu and thinking that you will get a quality meal. Just won’t happen. For $100-200 a month, you will not get results and will ultimately end up wasting time and money…something as a business/brand you definitely do not want to do.

We will finish Ask An Expert: Publicist next week. Til then you can learn more about B3Vision on their website and twitter.  You can contact Carrie via her site if you want to learn more of what she can do for your small business.


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