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Learn How To Curate Content For Your Social Media Channels

My clients think I am the Jill of all Trades, and I am always on it. In actuality, I am just really a planner and studier. I dig deeper into whatever I am trying to do to find its simplicity to work for me. That’s the thing we see what the masses are doing and think we can do it too. Everyone talks about how easy it is to curate content for social media but never really explains it. Today, I am providing five tips on content curation for social media channels.

I want this to be easier for you and, heck, even fun. I love being creative and making original content for my social media channels. It would be a lie if I said it was always easy to do.

Understand The Platform

Every platform is different, and you must understand what you’re posting to it. Everything will not just translate effortlessly. Yes, every platform has a visual competence that goes with it, but it’s not that simple. When I am on Facebook, I know I am talking to my audience, which is more than likely to share my post. Facebook is still about friends and family. Twitter is millions of ongoing conversations happening all at once. You can start one or join another conversation. Starting the conversation can help understand what is working.

Posting Schedule

For a long time, I just posted when I wanted to be online, not being strategic. You see, the consistency of your posting will help your audience know when to find you and engage your business. My goal is to post every Friday at noon on Youtube. Several of my followers told me they watched me during their lunch breaks. If you work a 9 to 5 and it’s hard for you to get online, I suggest utilizing automation that way; you have a presence when you can’t be physically online. Last month, I wrote How I Utilizing Automation On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, sharing how I started the process. This has really helped me establish a presence when I am consumed with the actual creative process.

5 Tips on how to curate original content for your small business social media pages.

Your Visuals

Listen, when I say that, it’s not really hard to come up with original visuals for your platform. It’s creating the time to actually do it; that’s where the problem lies. Furthermore, let’s note there is nothing wrong with repurposing others’ content long as you provide credit. Creating the actual visuals you share takes time, and it shouldn’t be rushed. Twice a month, I sit down creating visual content for my social media platforms. One thing I did was take inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers, influencers, and brands to make my visual plan. Know what you want your visuals to look like on every platform.

Great Copy

When I first started sharing my visuals on social media, let’s just say they weren’t great, but I made sure my copy invoked emotion. You see, as a business owner, influencer, or blogger, you are speaking to your audience’s emotions. That’s how you land sales with them. Are you providing a call to action when talking on social media, or you just writing how pretty those peonies are? If your visuals are amazing, too, it’s going to make your audience read the caption. Most times, I called my audience to live their dreams and believe they can do it. That might not seem like a way to bring in a stream of income. However, this brings people to my site, where I write the content that can help with that.

Do You All The Time

This is the most important tip of curating content for your social media channels. Too many people are trying to be like others. You see, they are emulating someone else then portraying that for you to emulate. The other day I was meeting with a client, and I broke down the three things he is passionate about. I told him that his social media content needs to have those as the main elements. He laughed, but here is the thing you attract customers who are similar to you. Why not walk in your truth and be you. My timeline sometimes has a plethora of shoes, coffee, my planners, and such, but that’s me. I don’t want to fake what my life is at this very moment.

Take the time this week and create a plan for your social media. A plan that really helps you go places. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

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