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How To Create Social Media Content That Resonates

The social media struggle is real, and I constantly hear that people do not know what to post without constantly sharing other people’s work. Also, they don’t understand how to create social media content that resonates with their target audience.

Target Audience

This is a huge struggle that I am seeing more and more small businesses dealing with. They don’t know how to find their target audience so they can market to them. First, pull out your target audience profile worksheets from the store. Now, I want you to look at the past orders section of your dashboard. There is so much data in that information your customers provide. They are giving you;

  • how much they are spending
  • location
  • gender

Those three things can tell you a plethora about your target audience. Have you ever noticed the influx of customers in your city or on the west coast? This is great information. Several of my customers message me when they purchase products to know which social media platform they use. This allows me to character my marketing to their preference.

Focus On What Works

Here is another issue when you’re posting on social media, you want IMMEDIATE results and data. That is not going to happen; you need to spend time testing and testing what works. Jacque wrote a great article on Facebook Ads and what she and her client learned. I will not tell you to advertise and create content on a platform your audience is not connecting with you on. As always, it’s about finding platforms you love personally being on and connecting with your audience there. Once you find those platforms make sure you automate your content that way, you can be productive in other areas of your business.

Creating Content

Power In One Hour A Day is me preaching to the choir. Listen, when I started taking flatlays, they were trash. Complete trash, but I kept going. I didn’t buy items for my flatlays either; everything was things I owned in my home. Funny. Even when it comes to the vibe post that I share on Facebook, they are just images of my outfit. My vibe post has grown my Facebook following and engagement.

Creating Content that resonates

My Thursday VIBES post helping me microblog the thoughts in my head that are not typical blog posts per se. Speak to your audience as you were speaking to your friends. I happen to keep it super real and honest.

five tips on how you can create social media content that resonates with your target audience. | Imperfect Concepts

You Feel Good

Too many of y’all are stressing too dang much on what to post and what not to post. Preventing you from taking that leap and putting yourself out there. The worry game is keeping you from feeling good about your content. Last week was a rough week for the African American community and the United States. I did not per se want to be on social media because there was so much anger and hate being spread. Instead, I was thankful all my feel-good content was schedule through Hootsuite and Planoly.* What makes me feel good; shoes, flowers, home decor, planners, quotes, and more. Y’all will forever see my new shoes. I scored on amazing deals or peonies all over my timeline because it feels good to me. If you’re struggling with the visual appeal of social media, read this post on making your images pop. Styling your timeline is rather easy; we as people make it harder for ourselves on a daily. Check out 3 tips on how to style your Instagram; know that you can take these tips to other platforms. Tweets with an image receive more RT’s than the ones that don’t.

Customer Reaction

Question are you paying attention to how your customers engage you after you post on social media. A better question is asking your customers or clients how they feel when it comes to the content you share. Giving them a call to action to connect with you immediately will help you create content that resonates on social media. It’s always funny when people say they love how I dress and the visual style of my timelines. Paying attention to what they say helps me keep creating what they want to see.

These five tips are simple enough; the major issue is the effort behind you as a business owner. If you’re struggling with how you can take this information and work it for your business, tweet me!

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