5 Things Every Newsletter Campaign Needs

Email marketing is the new king for creating buzz and everyone is talking about it. Newsletter campaigns are nothing new, but more and more small business owners are using them to keep customers coming back week after week.

Honestly, there is only a couple of clothing websites that I check on a regular basis without my phone sending me a notification email. Most of the time, I’m on small business owners or other retailers sites because of the newsletter campaign they sent out.

Call Of Action

You don’t sit in front of your computer for hours to design a newsletter campaign just for the sake of it. You want people to take action once they open it. Outside of creating a great subject line, it’s imperative that you place call to actions through out your website. Guide them to the next step; whether it be reading a blog post, purchasing an item, or even sharing this newsletter on social media.


A beautiful newsletter will get more clicks, engagement, and sales versus one thrown together. Take the time to invest in designing a great newsletter. One thing I discuss with my clients is to make various templates that they can consistently use to help ensure that their brand is aligned at all times. Stick to your brand’s color scheme, specific fonts, and visuals. Yes, it takes time to put all this together but people will take notice.

Click-able Action

This has happened to me more times than I like…I forget to make text or an image click-able. The other day I sent out a campaign and didn’t put the right link. It happens to the best of us. One tip I will share is to make sure all imagery and photos are click-able. Not just the text that says “shop now”. Most people’s first action is to click the photo not the content.

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Why are they receiving this newsletter from your company? It might be noticeable to you that you’re trying to land sales, but I personally feel product or service based businesses can provide information that makes people click, too. The other day, I was reading a couple of newsletters I received from T+J Designs, LT Style, and DSR Apparel. They all actually came on the same day. All three provided great information in the campaign. T+J Designs actually made me think about buying cute sweatshirts and read about Shai of Drunk On Shoes.

Consistent Scheduling

This is one of the most important aspects of newsletter campaigns. Consistency is the most important aspect of running a business. When will your newsletters be delivered to your audience? How often will they be delivered? If you are a product based company, you need to be sending them out 3 or more times a month to start out. People will forget that you exist if you don’t. People can blink and miss your post on social media. If you are a service based company, you can go with one to two times a month. One thing I make sure to do is send two regular newsletters and one focused on new products.

Newsletter campaigns are not scary things, you as business owners should be running from. Embrace the opportunity to be in constant contact with your audience and users. I designed two tools to help you with email marketing: Launch on Mailchimp and Email Marketing Guide.

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