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Small Business Saturday Strategies For Online Boutiques

We are just under 30 days away from Black Friday madness and that means Small Business Saturday is right around the corner too. Let’s not focus solely on Black Friday that we forget the day American Express helped create to further your businesses growth. Small Business Saturday was started November 27, 2010 as a way to celebrate and promote the small businesses around the United States. 


Take your online boutique to a physical location this holiday season. You have several options with this partnership concept for Small Business Saturday. You can gather a group of friends and open a pop up shop in a local shopping center. If you look at the high traffic shopping centers around your city, several have vacant spots. Simply get in contact with the realtor to see if you can lease the place for three days. Dividing the cost between other small business owners. The key is to be in a place with high traffic. Or another great option is partnering with existing stores in your community. Are you friends with a women who owns a clothing store? See if you can vend your jewelry, natural product scrubs or illustrations out of her store. This is a great partnership option.

Email Marketing

Time to kick those emails into high drive for the next 8 weeks or so. For the next several weeks you need to share new merchandise, old merchandise and what your business is doing for the holiday season. If you are going to do the first point and create a physical store for the holidays make sure you segment your email marketing newsletters. Sending them especially to local clients letting them know for a limit time only they can shop in person. This helps if you have a shoe or clothing boutique; things people tend to want to try on. If you need help with your email marketing check out these articles; Email Marketing Design Templates, Strategies For Service Companies, Guidelines to Subscription, and  Email Marketing For Your Small Business.

Brand Ambassadors

We have talked about partnering with influencers before in our series under the same name. Check out How To Collaborate With Influencers and Creating Loyal Brand Ambassador articles to catch up on that topic. If you have loyal brand ambassadors that can not get enough of your product or services enlist them for help around this time. Many bloggers and social media celebrities have advertising rates that you can tap into at a low rate. Create a plan solely for Small Business Saturday. Think of your company taking over someone’s Instagram sharing your story. That is a great way to get others interested in your business.

Using these three simple things can have a huge impact on your small business. I am especially giddy this season to get out and support other small business owners. Time to rally the troops and get others excited about your small business.

What plans do you have to help your company on Small Business Saturday?

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