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Creating Loyal Brand Ambassadors

As a small business owner, you are trying to push your business to new heights, without breaking your budget. You are using social media and blogging your heart out, but not seeing the results you want. You have ambitions of wanting even more customers to become loyal brand ambassadors for your business. This is really brilliant, strategic and shall help your business grow, If you do it correctly. You want a cult following like Nasty Gal or even like what Lady Gaga has created with her Little Monsters. First, let’s remember you do not need their numbers to create loyalty within your audience. They both started with one person believing in them.

Start Where You Are

No need to hunt people down to sing your companies praises, look at the ones who are doing it now. First hand, I know what loyal supporters can do for business. Imperfect Concepts doesn’t have million of followers, but if I mention a book, product or service to use, people buy it or sign up for it. I know this because they email, tag me and mention it on social media. Leverage the people you have now. Get to know them even better by engaging them with every second you have. Engage not just on your business but in other areas. I spend time on social media talking about my eating habits {part-time vegan lol, gluten free and organic}, Frank Underwood, Scandal, shopping and so much more. You want people not just to see your company logo but the person behind it.

Give Before You Take

If I give, I must get something in return. No – you do not want to feed into that cycle of thinking. It’s not your job to sell your customers or clients when you are giving. Your only job is to give valuable information and product awareness each and every time. Think about it this way, Martha Stewart gives away all her information on her site for FREE! No membership, it’s just there. You want your sheets to become super white? She has a how to guide for you. However, do you notice how In addition to being a millionaire, Martha is still known as the queen of industry? Simply, in my opinion, she’s focused on being a source that gives, which has made people trust her and want to support her.

Be A Source of Information

I became a beacon of information for my audience when I focused on where I was, instead of not trying to be something I was not. People seek my advice on a variety of subject matters relating to small business which is really flattering. When I attend Entrepreneurs Growth Con, this is something I learned in a break out session. Be the source or an expert: it actually helped become one of my tipping points for business. I saw site numbers grow drastically, I was engaging, but I was not providing information to be seen as a source or expert. Learn all aspects of the business you are in and share that in your 80/20 social media strategy. If you have questions on payment gateways, e-commerce sites, shipping, pricing, branding and much more, it’s something I know. I’m constantly interacting with people on these subjects.

Start where you are, even if you only have one person as your captivated audience. Have that one person sing your praises so much so that it makes others pay attention. You will become the source or expert in your field by giving your knowledge away for free, or even charging a small, nominal fee for access. Be a source or expert in your field so much so that people are constantly seeking your knowledge in your industry.

Are you trying to make your audience loyal? What steps have you taken to get there?


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