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45 Passive Income Ideas For Business Owners

For the last couple of months, I have been discussing Passive Income: Make Money In Your Sleep. I truly want people to work smarter not harder to achieve success. One of the biggest issues people have with passive income is thinking of ideas to stream their passive income for their business. I am an “idea” person. I can come up with a million passive income ideas, in one sitting for different industries. Thought I’d share some with you. Hopefully, these ideas will aide you in creating products for your business. 

Beauty Industry

  • How To Get Into The Industry
  • How To Launch A Beauty Line
  • Creating A Routine (skin, hair, and body)
  • Top Mistakes You’re Making (regarding skin, hair, and body)
  • Best Wedding Hair Styles (Break it down by length + texture)
  • Top 5 Pinterest Ideas Translated Into Real Life
  • Skin Guide For Dummies
  • Workout Plans For Lazy People

Wedding Industry

  • Create A Pinterest Wedding On A Budget
  • You Said Yes, Now What
  • Top 5 Venues In X Price Range (make it a 3 part series)
  • The Ultimate Guide To “I Do” (step by step on what needs to be done up until the day),
  • 50 Of The Best Pinterest Wedding Ideas Broken Down
  • Planner, Vendors, Family, Friends (all separate books)
  • Bride Guide To Weddings In This City
  • Big Day Guide
  • Flow Chart of To Do List

Simple Passive Income ideas you can implement today for your small business.

Graphic Designer

  • Basics of Graphic Design
  • How To Get The Best Logo
  • The Difference In Color Wheels
  • Elements Of An Excellent Brand
  • Design The Best Business Cards In (Moo, Tiny Prints, or 123 Prints)
  • How To Create Graphics In PicMonkey or Canva

Product Based Company

  • How to Take Product Photos
  • Launching A Business On A Budget
  • How To Write A Line Sheet
  • Wholesale 101 (make several products one step up from the next)
  • How To Create A Winning Display At Market
  • Winning Customers With “XYZ”

Tech Service (Think Geek Squad)

  • Guide To (a specific product- phones, tablets, computers, printer)
  • How To Make Your House Wireless
  • Create Strong Passwords For Your Device
  • How To Replace A Screen (on a specific device)
  • Removing Virus From Computer

Website Designer or Developer

  • How to Launch (on a specific platform- WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce) – {eCourse}
  • Uploading Your Logo
  • Designing A Website On A Budget
  • The Basics Of Website Designing
  • Understanding Your Website Backend
  • Questions To Ask Your Future Designer


  • How To Find A Reputable Photographer
  • Top Pinterest Photo Shoots (engagement, baby announcements, wedding day, etc.,)
  • A How-To Guide To (a specific camera)
  • How To Take A Professional Headshot With Your Phone
  • Guide To Purchasing Equipment On A Budget

Some of these ideas are great as free opt-in’s for your newsletter, that you will use to create a list to sell to later. You truly want to get people on the list, create a community, and sell to them later. These are just some basic ideas that you can do to make passive income for your small business. If you need help figuring out all of these ideas, make sure to purchase the Passive Income: Make Money In Your Sleep ebook + workbook. It will help you understand exactly how I built my stream of income.

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