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How To Support Local Small Businesses

Growing a small business can be extremely daunting and hard. We tend to focus solely on our companies economic growth, forgetting about the surrounding small businesses in our communities. They are just as important if our desire is to help grow the community we live in. Having a game plan to support local small businesses is vital if you want your business to succeed too. 

Focus On Commitment

Just like you are committed to the success of your business, be that adamant about other local small business owners’ success. When I first launched and til this day I say “Thank You” every time I see a new order on my dashboard. That order shows me someone wants to support my business. Be it $5 or $695 it all counts towards your company’s bottom line. Establish a number of businesses you want to support a month. Living in the Austin area, I have a plethora of local businesses to support. However, I make sure to support at least 3 online companies a month as well.

Community Matters

As mentioned last week in, Building A Tribe of Small Business Owners, it is important to be linked to a community that can help you. Just like when customers learn your business’ story and thus are more aware of it and begin supporting you, that’s what happens when you grow more involved in your local startup, entrepreneur, or small business community. Start going to lunch with other business owners at local deli’s or family owned restaurants. Don’t just be another face in the crowd. Attend local pop up shops and boutique parties. If your city has a flea market ask to volunteer to help at the event. You will meet a plethora of new people.


Money matters in business, if I said it didn’t matter then I would be lying. We have discussed money management on here several times. Adding a “support local small business contribution line” to your monthly family budget shows your commitment to the community that matters most to you. You don’t have to spend $500+ a month to make a huge impact. If you can afford $20 a month that counts tremendously. The importance of it is that you budgeted it into your monthly spending. As a small business owner you know what it means to see orders arrive on your dashboard or for customers to walk out with bags full of your merchandise.

How can you focus on a commitment to supporting local small businesses in your community on a budget that you are comfortable with? Are you planning on supporting more small businesses this holiday season?

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