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Email Marketing Design Template Ideas

If you are not doing email marketing for your small business you are missing out on a big part of your targeted audience. We have discussed several key points on the subject matter: Email Marketing For Your Small Business, Guidelines for Subscription, and Strategies For Service Companies; all them are chalked with great information. Today let’s focus more on the visual design of the email marketing campaign that you will create in your provider.

First, if you have not selected a provider for your newsletter do so. I highly suggest signing up with MailChimp for your small business. The integrations they have for your business include A/B Testing, customization of design, segmentation of groups, and one of my favorites is time zone delivery scheduling. This is especially great if you have customers or clients all over the global. It will deliver at the scheduled time in their time zone versus yours.

Placement of Logo

Make sure your logo and company tagline are front and center on the newsletter. To make this easy for you, you can make your logo a watermark to place over your desired image. It is very important for your lead image to be beautiful in order for it to immediately capture your audience’s attention. You can create this banner in PicMonkey or hire someone from Fiverr.

Logo for Newsletter Header

Different Types of Newsletters

Depending on your small business you can send out a variety of email marketing campaigns. We made several different template design ideas to help you visually understand how to promote your business.

Product Based Newsletters that Highlight Customers + Social Media 

This is one of my favorite type of newsletters to see in my inbox. When brands highlight their customers it shows they truly care! They are marketing to your appeal of the every day girl. Also, it helps customers who have seen items but not know how to style them. Another great component would be to add your social media. Do you share great BTS images on Instagram? Showcase them in the newsletter. This will help drive traffic to your account.

How To Highlight Customers In Product Based Email Marketing

Product Based Newsletters for New Merchandise

How often do you add new merchandise to your website? Hopefully at least twice a month. No one wants to shop the same merchandise they saw a month ago. By adding new merchandise you can always have a newsletter to send alerting them to that. Product Based Company Email Marketing Example


Product Based Sales Newsletter

Product Based Company Sales Email Marketing Newsletter


As stated before, product based companies should send out weekly newsletters. Staying in front of your target audience every chance you get is extremely important. People might not always be on social media but they do check their email constantly.

Service Based Newsletters

  • Highlight blog post – this showcases your expertise
  • Share products {ebooks, ecourses, seminars}
  • Link to service packages

Service Company With Product Focused Newsletter

Even if you run a service based company, you can create visually appealing newsletters too! ICB Consults’ marketing newsletters go out on a bi-weekly basis. The tips shared in the above service based newsletter section are how we create ours.

Service Based Company Blog Email Marketing


Bonus Tip: Giving newsletter subscribers a 10-15% discount is a great way to receive sales; it also helps display your click-through rate. This tells you who is actually engaging in your campaign.

If you are not great at designing you can buy a  D’Brand In A Box from  BluChic. As mentioned in our Life Hack For The Creative article, you can hire a graphic designer such as CJW Design Company to edit the templates for you. This will enable your business to go further.

Are your newsletters visually appealing to your subscribers? How can you ensure they are driving your business sales?

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