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Building My New Office

I am currently planning a move to a new city that has a spacious beautiful loft calling my name. I will talk “the move” later on. Secretly, I have a serious obsession with interior design. I personally believe fashion and interior design go hand and hand. The key to both are to find pieces that inspire and make you giddy.

My jaw dropped when Mattie tweeted this sofa. I quietly prayed to myself that the link directed to an actual place to purchase. When it did, I thought this couch would be perfect for my office. Say Hello to Furbish

naked closet I want one of the walls in the office area of my loft to be dedicated to the merchandise for the store. I want to be able to see everything that the store has in stock, plus it will keep me even more organized. (I think it would just be really awesome to stare at).

The Lennoxx Home Office

The simplicity of this desk is what makes it strike me. I currently have an ikea desk, but want to upgrade to an old fashioned desk. I might repaint it white and model it after this photo.

Ikea Greek Overlay Dresser

This Ikea dresser will be used to hold all the packaging supplies. (I have millions of business cards, stickers, boxes and tissue paper).

All of these are key pieces to my new place. Are you redoing any part of your house?

Source: Peep My Style, Pinterest, The Lennoxx, Amanda Carol At Home



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