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Guidelines to Subscription Email Marketing

Are you surprised at the number of subscription email marketing newsletters in your inbox? You’re probably not  because as we discussed last month, email marketing is a really great tool for your small business. I advise you to start doing this to grow your business. However, we will discuss the wrong ways to grow your business that could make future customers or clients upset. 

No Randoms Allowed

If you don’t want someone to subscribe you to a random email list, why would you subscribe others to yours? Make sure that you ask people before you add them to your email list — you might not see nothing wrong anything this. As in, “Tasha they will want to subscribe anyways.” Well, give them that option then. There are now programs to help you unsubscribe from newsletters. Someone saw it was an issue and decided to capitalize on it.

Swiper No Swiping

As mentioned in the Email Marketing For Small Business, we mentioned how small businesses asks their followers to leave their emails in the comments. This is great for the small business that wants to collect their customers or clients for a certain reason. At the same time it’s bad for the client. So many people see their emails and can add their emails to newsletter list. Heck, even when people fail to bcc instead they cc and then millions of emails are shared. Don’t be the person who swipes other peoples emails.

Buying Your List

Yes, people sell lists of emails to people, this is really bad. A plethora of large companies sell your information to other companies then those companies sell it to other companies. Think about those spam emails about weight loss pills and mortgages and much more. Don’t be the person who invests money into that. When you think about it, only a small percentage of those people will actually care about your business and everyone else will try to find the unsubscribe button. Furthermore, companies such as Mad Mimi are making sure you are getting into in a legit way.

You can grow your email one by one while various others are doing it the grimy way. To be honest you will feel better knowing you did it the right way because you know people genuinely want to be on your list verses you forcing them to be on there.

What are your thoughts on the no no’s of email marketing? Have you done any of these or experienced someone stealing your email to send you email marketing?

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