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Can I Have Too Many Social Media Platforms

Earlier last year, Clubhouse took social media by storm. Truthfully, it was a great distraction during a time we are all “bored in the house, in the house bored.” However, the question that poses itself is can I have too many social media platforms for your small business. For almost a decade, gurus and experts have stated you need to be on every platform your customer is on. Wrong. That only works for big companies, and even then, it’s not necessary. One that Steve Jobs taught me was, “if I build it, they will come and pay me too.” Your audience will find you no matter if you’re on 13 social media platforms or none. Having a website and good SEO helps people find you on the internet, not per se a viral video on social media that has a 50/50 chance of being accredited to you. 

Let’s break down how to utilize social media as a business owner where you don’t feel like you have too many or create burnout. 

Which Platform Has More Engagement

I know when I first started my business, I saw all the engagement on Twitter. It was a constant conversation with my target audience. To your surprise, I have not been there in almost four years. Honestly, the conversations became very toxic and too much bullying for me. Social media has also become very much so a pay-to-play. Where do you feel your audience most engages you without you having to spend a thousand boosting the post. Are your numbers up on Facebook, or do you see more engagement on TikTok? As platforms such as Instagram are leaning heavier on video content, do you have better traction with your following on Youtube?

Pick Three Social Media Platforms

For your business and truly dig deep into it. My clients’ advice is to pick three social media networks and create specific content for those channels. Canva is a great free, low-cost tool you can invest in to help you with that. In addition to that, several people sell social media content ideas, and then you can use that. Google calendar is where you can post your schedule so you know when and where you’re posting. Every platform has a different way of communicating, even though they all over the same things, such as reels, stories, imagery, or text. However, you need to know which platforms work best for your business. 

As I have grown in business, I love using Facebook fan pages to share posts and Instagram to share BTS and personal life information. My business lies on my website, where I blog and host my products and services. 

Utilize Social Media Scheduler For Posting 

One of the best tools you can utilize for scheduling your content on social media platforms will be day designation and content batching and spending one or two days every two weeks making content scheduled over a time frame. Running a business is a lot of work, and creating content makes it even more work. Note that Facebook penalizes you if you outside schedulers. Every time I write a blog post for my website, I go to their Facebook Business Page and schedule the content. Other social media platform schedulers such as; Hootsuite and Planoly are great to use. 

All in all, I instead see excel on a couple of platforms than spread yourself thin by doing Youtube, Facebook, Clubhouse, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, and so much more. The time you take to create content should bring your business ROI, and most times, business owners are not receiving an ROI. They are losing more money and the most valuable commodity, which is time. 

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