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Transition Period + Lifestyle Expectations Of A Future Entrepreneur

Last month, I started a new series on how you can quitting your job in order to pursue your dreams. So many people have the aspiration of living their 9 to 5 job in order to focus on their dream business. Today, I want to talk on the points of transition your lifestyle from an employee to entrepreneur because to be honest its a huge adjustment. To be honest, I know people who are business owners who run expenses hobbies because they never get their minds aligned right for the changes that will happen.

Full Time Employee To Part Time

You need to transition from full time to part time at your job 120 days out from quitting. This way it eases you into the position of a new business owner. If you can’t do that I at least asking for more days to work from home and turning it into a 90 day transition. Recently, one of my ICB Consult clients did this with the company she had been at for a couple years. She was super nervous about asking her bonus to go to part time hours, but we outlined a plan for her to do it and thats what she presented to her boss. Now, we are working her on this 120 plan to walk from being an employee to her own boss.

Transition Period + Lifestyle

Running a business is not a cake walk and I will continue to say this about launching your own company. The obsession you have for your business is totally different then clocking in for someone else. This is your baby. I will say do not abandon your friends and make your business a false idol that consumes you. It will eat you alive. Here are a couple things to note when it comes to transition period and the lifestyle you will live.

  • Live the house once a day
  • Get dressed daily
  • Stay active
  • Keep lunch dates
  • Yay treat myself money

Your lifestyle will not be the exactly the same and you will think, “Oh I will wear pj everyday”. I actually get dressed everyday, workout, eat and leave the house. If I didn’t leave the house I would be level ten introvert. So, thats why you always hear about me at a coffee shop. One of the things, I wish I did more was spend time with my friends and live. Your business will always be there. Make sure you make time for lunches, baby showers and even yoga. Yes, staying healthy is important.

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Set Business Hours

When I first started my business I worked non stop not really having designated business hours. Now, almost seven years into business I work Monday – Friday until 5pm most days. My day starts after going to yoga or barre class and breakfast. Sometimes, my barre or yoga classes are at the end of the day for me. I want to make sure I am working a minimum of 40 hours a week on my business. One to two weekends a month I am hosting workshops so that following Monday, I am off.

Set Boundaries

One thing, I had to remind my friends some times was my business is like their job. Yes, I can take longer launches but I can’t just do things at the whim. One day, a couple friends had off because of a snow storm in Dallas. Well, the ice was melted by 10 am but they were off. They wanted to go to the spa, shopping and lunch. Things I honestly would love to do but I have to work. I would suggest designating a day to have lunch dates or dinner dates. Every Friday, I work half days so I can have lunch or dinner with friends.

Office Space

Your couch should not be your office. Create a space in your place no matter how small your place is. When I first started my office was my living room so basically I sat on the couch watching Law & Order and not really working. Finally, I invested in an Ikea desk and started working. I started going to the coffee shop for two to three hours. I made sure my office felt comfortable where I wanted to be for several hours.

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