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Establishing The Right Mind Frame To Achieve Your Goals

People ask me often how I can do so much in such a short period of time. Truth be told my schedule is not as hectic as creative business owners because I am not a fan of celebrating faux busy or anything of that other mess to be truthful. Outside of that the reason I can achieve so many of my goals is that my mind frame and this breakdown I created. In recent months, I have given my one on one clients the breakdown too, and it changes everything. 

Your Mind Frame

To be completely honest, we all have a toxic mind frame at times without us truly realizing it. We all doubt, stress, anxiety and what if’s to ruin our hopes and dreams. On a daily basis, I have to remember for me to win at life on a daily basis I need to keep my mind aligned and in check. If I start thinking negative thoughts my day, week or month or spiral. One of the first steps is setting my intentions for the week. After watching Buckhead Church Live, I tend to go to the Starbucks for a couple of hours to plan my week. It’s my time to plan out how I want my week and having my agenda has changed the game for me. My Louis Vuitton MM agenda brings me so much peace, so that helps with staying active. I decided on Sunday how my week will be by utilizing positive phrases and keywords. When you say, life is busy, hectic or draining we bring that into our lives. I am a huge believer in the power of our words they have an enormous impact on us daily. Something else that helps me is the alarms with positive affirmations keep me on track. One the biggest advice I give my clients if give yourself permission to do things without beating yourself up. It’s life changing when you allow yourself to do this.

3 TIps to help you create a conducive environment to achieve your personal and business goals. | Imperfect Concepts

Daily Actions & Weekly Steps

Last year, I mentioned how bold actions daily had changed my business and personal life. If you want to achieve a goal in life, you don’t just run your first marathon. You create a solid plan that takes daily steps of action to change the trajectory of your business. For a moment look at your yearly goals you established. You probably have them broken down into quarters or months, but never actually thinking of how the week and daily actions hold so much accountability to you succeeding. For instance one of my goals for this year is lose 20 pounds and maintain. The first two months of the year I sucked at working on this. This something hit me to be more accountable with my workouts, eating and water habits. I have two goals, but I need to break that down to what it looks like weekly and daily. My current focus is working out twice a week for a minimum of 30 minutes, drinking half a gallon of water and eating paleo as much as possible. It’s a daily action that keeps me accountable.

Establishing The Right Goals

What are your current goals for you’re business and personal life that you’re struggling with? One of the major issues that come from achieving goals is we do not write them down, visit them often, pivot when needed or ask for help. First, let’s discuss the aspect of writing them down. I know vision board parties are super popular, but the issue is what happens after the party. Is the board or list in a place you can see if often? To be honest, when I was not achieving my goals I had resentment towards a board. Yes, as silly as it sounds I was mad about it. A great solution is creating SMART goals that move you forward daily, and you can have traction. Having this type of goals touches on you visiting them often because you need to check in with actions that help you move forward. Make it a habit to review your goals weekly, set up mini goals to help stay aligned. Pivoting is something I know very well, but most people want to make fetch happening versus seeing how they should move to another niche. Last week, a wedding photographer discussed how she transition to doing real estate photography and her business started growing. She is still in the photography industry but found a niche that works for her. Finally, asking for help when it comes to achieving your dreams. Too many people are going at this alone and struggling. It’s okay to ask for help. Trust me, there are people out there who want you to win, but you have to ask. Don’t just assume your friends are going to jump at your vision. Your vision was solely given to you, reach out to them.

When establishing the right mind frame to achieve your goals, it’s important that you stay aligned through the entire journey.

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