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Five Types of Investments To Make Monthly For Your Business

There are a plethora of things I have learned in the last decade of my life. I would say in the last three years, I have learned even more about myself when it comes to growing and becoming a better person. Adulting is a real thing that when we were kids were completely obviously too. Our parents were the glue that held everything together for us making sure that all the bills were paid, a roof over our heads and other things were taken care of. Today, I want to share five investments you need to make monthly for yourself. 

Self Care Investment

How often are you investing in yourself when it comes to your self-care? As women, we tend to care the world for everyone around us and then we are drained. It is important to create a self-care plan for you. I’ll be honest, there are times I feel guilty doing stuff for myself. I think all women have this issue, not just me. We feel time, money or whatever can go to someone else who needs it more than us. No, girlfriend, you need it too. I love my Louis Vuitton MM agenda and, I recently started bullet journal which is amazing. Those two things are my self-care that I participate in weekly. On Saturday morning, I go to Starbucks for two hours and plan. During this time I decorate, organize, watch other planner videos and more. It’s very low cost, but planning has become addictive and I needed to add a line to my zero budget method. In addition to that, I have started back to my weekly facials and workouts twice a week. Carve out time for yourself if you want to grow.

Savings Investments

Okay, as I have stated numerous times before my dad has always been my savings account. When times got rough or something happened I would just run to him. Then two years ago, I started the year by reading The Richest Man In Babylon and it was life changing by how it opened my eyes. I know certain people feel like it’s hard to save, but there is always room to save. Even if you never spend your change, $5 bills or cut affordable luxuries out of your budget. Money adds up if you’re not spending it, which most people are spenders, not savers. Personally, I save 10% a month that goes to my emergency fund. Having a savings account is so important, we never know what might happen that we need $1000.

Discussing the importance of savings, retirement account, small business and much more when it comes to investing in your future. | Imperfect Concepts

Retirement Account

So, I never thought about a retirement account until I formed a relationship with Liz at my former bank. Establishing a relationship with your banker is very important personally and business wise. As someone who is self-employed no one is going to match my funds. We should all make the small investment of setting up a retirement fund, even if its $50 a month that you’re putting in your account. When I first set up my retirement account I was doing $20 a month, that’s what I could afford in my budget because I was putting more money into paying off my student loans. Start planning for your future now versus worrying when it’s time to official retire and you have no plan.

Your Small Business

You’re probably thinking “Tasha I give my paycheck, to my small business every month.” Well, congrats if you do and you’re doing it right. However, so many things we miss when it comes to our small business investment. Having the latest computer, camera, flat lays or whatever are great, but attending workshops, networking and learning your industry are better. I love learning and researching that is what has helped me stay ahead of the game. Recently, I have been attending more FREE workshops focused on government contracts and becoming a certified woman led and minority-led company with the state and city. Last year, one of my biggest investments was switching companies that were not working versus staying loyal. Your biggest investment will be learning and researching what is happening in your industry and the sub niches of the industry. Take time to learn who are the thought leaders, the trends and much more. This keeps you on your toes and ready to pivot if that happens.

Support Other Small Businesses

One of my favorite things to do is support other small business owners with their dreams. I’m able to do this by sharing their business with others, posting on social media or purchase myself. Numerous times, I have discussed the importance of supporting other small business. The investment you make into other small businesses is just as important as investing in yours. Think about the joy you receive when someone supports your business either by sharing your business with others, sharing something on social media or purchasing something. As always, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. You can spend $20 a month within a small business which builds community and you’re investing in someone else’s dreams.

These five monthly investments I make have helped me so much when it comes to my business, personal life and building the community around me.

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