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My new obsession is Medium. Have you heard of it? It was founded by Ev Williams and Biz Stone the names might sound very familiar from the fact they are creators of Blogger, Twitter, Jelly and some other great other ventures. This platform has been around for roughly two years. So, I am not an earlier adopter, but I do love that my user name is my first name versus some long variation. Still praying for the day I can have my name as my twitter handle (laughs).

Many see Medium as a space where bloggers, thought leaders, and others share their thoughts, opinions, stories and much more. I honestly don’t know what took me so long to join the platform. Heck Gary V is always answering questions using Medium and Slide Share. Heck, if Gary is on it that means we need to be too. I wanted to share some of my favorite stories as well as other links with you.

Let’s Fly. — Going to Portland and Seattle next month and I am doing ALL of this!

12 Lessons of Waking Up at 4:30 am. — Currently thinking of waking up earlier, not this early of course.

Content Used To Be King. Now Its A Joker.

The $124,421 Man — Currently paying off student loan debt eek!

How Password Changed My Life. — Wrote about this in Password Protection article.

Speaking Up Every F*cking Time.

My Start Up Failed.

The Startup Voyage.

There are only a couple of sites that can sucker me into a deep hole that I can’t dig out of. Heck, there are only a couple of shows I can watch non stop. The Newsroom, Scandal, Homeland, Silicon Valley and Criminal Minds…I am talking about you. Medium is a brilliant platform if you want to dig deeper into topics that are not normally popular on social media. Ev and Biz were brilliant for creating this platform. Its my TED Talk in blog platform.

Are you on Medium? What are your thoughts about the platform and have you read any interesting articles lately?

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