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Running your own business is completely different from going to work at a corporate office. People ask me what do I wear on a daily basis. I am not in my pj’s sitting on the couch eating coco puffs and watching Law & Order marathons. Contrary to people’s belief, I get dressed daily so Pinky and I can take over the world. 

One of the best things you can do, outside of creating a schedule and sticking to your pricing, is dressing your best every single day. Presentation is everything in business. You never know who you will meet at the local coffee shop, post office, or at the gas station. Earlier this year at the post office I was approached to run for a position on city council. A man I have known a majority of my life said he had been wanting to talk to me about this for a while. I have met investors, patent attorneys, and others sipping on chai tea at Lola Savannah’s!

Maxi Skirts

Creative Business Maxi Skirt

1. Emily of Cupcake & Cashmere 2. Muscle Tees and Tulle 

Dressing Up Jeans

Creative Business Dressing Up Denim

1. Touch of Flare 2. Stockholm Streetstyle

Touch of Lace

Creative Business Touch of Lace

1. Neutrals Street Style 2. Rachel of Pink Peonies

Power Suit

Creative Business Power Suit

1. All Black Everything 2. Checker Prints

Flats European Chic

Creative Business Flats European Chic

1. OP Does It Again 2. Cargo’s + Neverful

Pops Of Color

Creative Business Pops of Color

1. Asymmetrical Hemlines 2. Leopard + Blue Hues

Neutral Details

Creative Business Owner Neutral Look

 1. Leather Details  2. Layers + Neutrals 

All Black Everything

Creative Business All Black Everything

1. Sequins Shorts 2. Blair of Atlantic Pacific

As a creative entrepreneur or small business owner, you already know that no one can put limits on your company other than yourself. The same applies to your style; don’t limit yourself. Be creative with your look, but most importantly always look polished and chic.

If you need more business chic inspiration you can check out our Pinterest board! What are your thoughts of dressing to impress? Are you polished from head to toe when people meet you? How can you as a creative business owner polish your look?

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