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Power In One Small Win

Recently, I was talking with a guy friend about a Inc 30 under 30 loss that I experienced. Earlier this year I was really excited to make it to a second round of a competition. Around 1600 people had applied for this prestige award. To make it to the second round after years of trying was an amazing feeling.

Then last week, I learned they weren’t having the award this year. The company decided to go another route instead with 35 under 35 this year.

He immediately told me relish my other win that happened two weeks prior. In addition, to the fact I made it to second round. But for some reason I was stuck on this one loss. He mentioned an app he learned about on Hacker News: 

Remember Win App

After reading the Remember Win website, I knew immediately this is something that I need in my life. We tend to only focus on the big wins and when we don’t get them we only focus on the negative. One of the quotes on the site mentions how we remember our troubles not our joys. Don’t you want to focus more on your joys and how they can propel you to new heights.

Later that same evening while reading “The Power Of Habits”, I read these words:

One Small Win

Alignment of Small WinsSmall Wins Are Scattered

Think about the power in the small wins you have already had today, yesterday or even a couple of hours ago. They matter and they add up in the long run. Don’t get caught up in your need for huge news to be successful. Some times it takes failure to get you onto the road you belong on. 

If you need even more remembrance of the importance of the small win, you can watch TED in the Embrace The Near Win by Sarah Lewis

Take your wins no matter how small. They are a victory you didn’t have beforehand. 

Have you received power from a small win? How has it propelled you to go further in your entrepreneurial journey? Have you celebrated your small win today?

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