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Lessons Learned In June

When I first started writing this month’s review, I truly was at a loss for words. So much has happen in a month’s time. Last month, I wrote that business was an uphill battle. This month, things started flowing with ease again. In May, I knew before the month started that it was going to be a battle, but going into June I knew things would do a 180, which it has been. I experienced so much at the end of May and start of June but it made me stronger. Furthermore, I debated sharing what Lisa and I discussed in our mentor call, but I settled on the fact that her advice should be shared.

Honestly, I never thought the topic of relationships would come up while speaking to her and it did (in our first call). She told me something that confirmed something I had been asking God about for a long time. The night before I talked with her, I asked God to show me something to relieve my worry and Lisa gave me that. She said that when I met the man I am supposed to be with, he has to understand the importance of me running my own company, that my weekends will not be the typical Saturday or Sunday, it might be a Tuesday or Wednesday. He must understand how important this is to me, and I should not settle for anyone who does not understand that. I wanted to praise Him when she told me that. I am already thankful for Lisa.

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Thanks of The Month: To everyone who worked on my store’s lookbook. I am still utterly grateful for everyone putting in their time and effort into my business. Words really cannot express how I feel for how they helped me. It took me 10 minutes alone to think of those sentences because there aren’t words to express the words that are on my heart. I have so much love for these people. Also, I want to thank Mad Mimi staff. I know this is completely random but they showed me that big companies still do care about little businesses. There was a lot of frustration on my end trying to do newsletter designs and they stepped right in and answered every question. Mind you, I was emailing them on the weekend. Yes, I am still a workaholic some days.  Gotta love great customer service since we know everyone doesn’t always provide it.

Highlight of The Month: I had several highlights this month, which is always a good thing. The first highlight was being interviewed by Jennifer from Outright. It was a great interview and it caused me to reflect on the good days at college. I was learning to be a business owner before the thought truly became a forethought in my mind. Then, four members of the Etsy group I am in said they saw the post, and mentioned how proud of me they are. Next was having my mentor call with Lisa. She has this amazing spirit that you can feel radiate even through a phone call. She was humble, upbeat and insightful. Her passion for her business, family and being a role model for women was such a part of her that it was infectious. It’s truly a blessing to have her as a part of my circle. The final highlight was hanging out with Rocquelle for her 28th birthday. It always fun coming down to see her and her momma. They are my second family. There are days I wished I lived in Houston, but then I remember the city isn’t for me. It’s always great to visit.

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Pits of The Month: In all honesty, I really do have a different approach on life. I try not to have pity parties or be down in the dumps. This month I started to actually learn how to code. This was all for me with no other reason behind it. Personally, I want to know how my brand’s website’s back-end really works. I don’t just want to be a consumer of the product, I want to know how the product works. Recently in Blogtrends Monday night’s Tweetchat, I saw someone mention Code Academy, and the thought of learning how to code had been on my mind. I signed up immediately. Coding is not easy AT ALL. Before, I could not fathom why designers charged so much money. Now, I completely understand. I have hit my head on the wall several times while trying to learn, but I will not give up. My goal is to build a site on my own by next year.

Entrepreneur Roller Coaster Ride: I have learned it can not be all business, all the time. It’s not healthy for me. It’s not the same for everyone, but I–personally–need breaks. I need to detox. I need to learn other skills outside of business skills. My goal in life still remains the same: to be a better person than yesterday and to inspire others while on this earth. Running a business is not something you just jump into and think everything will happen according to your plan. I believe in God, His plan is bigger than ours. He is in every aspect of our lives. From the first breath in the morning, to the last thought before we close our eyes to dream, he has planned our steps. When we do not listen, he has to reroute us. In the last four years, I have not taken many breaks, however I have worked myself into dehydration and serious moments of isolation because of it.

All in all, I want to point out how important alignment is in your life. Your thoughts become reality, so you must think positively and focus on what you want to happen. In the last couple of months, I have been dealing with my personal growth as I become who I really want to be. Ultimately, self-development helps me run a better business. It is important to only surround yourself with people that make you better and push you. If everyone you surround yourself with is okay with being on the same level year to year, it’s time to make new friends. You should be challenging yourself daily to be a better person, so expect your friends to be facilitators of that. My six degrees of separation keep getting smaller every year and I love it–outside of social media–actually connecting with people.



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