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Growing Your Business Without Utilizing A Billion Social Media Channels

If you’re planning on launching a business this year or currently are, I know all the online experts tell you to join every social media platform. Listen, girl, let me share a little secret that no one truly shares because it’s not beautiful. The more social media channels you are, the more you will run yourself raggedy. You can grow your business without utilizing a billion social media channels at once.

Who Are You

Who are you as a person outside of social media? The level of privacy that I am is amusing to my friends. Everyone says I am so social and connecting with everyone when they see me on various platforms. However, I am quiet as a mouse in real life and rather sit on the couch binge-watching my favorite shows, YAY to Devious Maids, coming back. Social media, for me, is giving my audience a peek into my life that is far from glamorous.

Pick Three Platforms

Right now, I love Twitter for Imperfect Concepts and Business Bestie. It’s a great platform actually to have a constant dialogue on. I had the pleasure of co-hosting a #blkcreatives chat two months ago. Melissa, the founder, provided me and others an opportunity to connect with like minds. In addition to that, I love the visual appeal of Instagram for my two companies. A picture can say a thousand words, and if that doesn’t work, my caption gets what I am saying across, lol. My next favorite platform is Youtube. As shy and private as I am, I love good video content for my business. Especially when I can get the message across within 7 minutes or less, determine which platform you actually want to utilize and engage your audience. There are many options such as; Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, and many more.

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Create A Posting Schedule

Establishing a consistent schedule that provides your brand an online presence is a must. My Twitter buddy @xobritdear wrote an article on promoting with more confidence (without being spammy) which really help me determine the structure for my Twitter and Facebook schedule for Business Bestie. Sitting down once a week and working on your social media goals and marketing is a great way to designate your days.

Utilize Original Visual Images

I have personally been guilty of utilizing other people’s images without their permission. Taking a screenshot and then not attributing it to the source of the work. These people have worked really hard to make their visuals look amazing. Take the advice from me and sit down and do your own visuals. With Kick Start Your eCommerce, I have created a simple video showing you how to create your own visuals. In addition to that, you have options with Picmonkey and Canva to help you create amazing visuals.

Some people feel as social media can be a chore and very tedious. Those individuals are also running between a billion platforms. You can create a great online presence and feel great about it. Another great tip is several automation programs can help you.

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