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Some Of The Best Tips For Running A Successful Business On Your Own Terms

On any given day, I see numerous tweets or post on social media regarding how to run a successful small business. Most of the tips tend to be really generic and bait and switch to get you to read blog post. As a someone who has ran a business for almost seven years, I have a little different experience. I want to share the best tips for running a successful business on your terms. You see most people think to have a successful business you have to become Sophia of Nasty Gal.

Define Success

To be completely, honest one of the best tips I can give is determine what success means to you. There will be a plethora of times where you will look at others and think their success should be your success. You will see someone making $10,000 a month in digital sales and think my passive income needs to be like that. No, you need to create real goals and dreams that align with your vision. You can live a good life if you’re making $75K or less a year if you’re debt free. Learn how to make $35,000 in a year, $50,000 in a year or even $75,000 in a year for your small business.

Mental Health Day

This is the biggest one I think no one talks about when it comes to running a successful small business on your terms. In the times we live in we can get caught up in how other people live and it can make us feel some type of way. We are constantly seeing others highlight reels and becoming depressed thinking we are not worthy. A couple years, back my mentor told me to breathe. You see we all breathe daily. If we stop breathing we die, but there are so many of us who are not breathing and living dead now. Take a day once a month to relax and not do business.

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Save 10% of Your Income

Every penny earned does not need to spent or reinvested in your business. I truly wish someone pulled me to the side seven years ago and said save 10% of what you make. You know when you are a small business no one is planning retirement or creating a savings plan. It is your job as a small business owner to have your own best interest at heart as a top focus. Make it a habit to save at minimum 10% of what you make. Almost two years ago my old macbook pro went to Apple heaven, thankfully I had savings to just go buy a new one that same day.

Focus On Your Business

There are so many distractions that come into play at any given day. Such as today when I planned on writing a plethora of blog post, Prince had past away. My heart break to read that news, but I had to gather myself and remember as much as I loved him I needed to focus on my business. Every Sunday, I set down and write what I need to do for the next five days. Creating monthly, weekly, and daily goals keeps me focused on my business and being able to grow my business. Yes, its great when you see something on social media and you want to celebrate. However, we all know how social media can make you go down the rabbit hole. Designate a time to check your social media to respond back to others.

Get Involved In Community

The reason I wrote The Power of 10 Network ebook, was because I wanted people to really to connect with each other and build community. There are too many solopreneurs who are struggling because they feel that if they share their ideas with others they will be stolen. Every woman that I have consulted under ICB Consults is part of a family. I see current and past clients support each other more than anything else. They are each others biggest cheerleaders.

These five simple tips are truly helpful in helping you grow your business and making sure you are on the path for success.

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