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4 Reasons To Use A Consultant Even When Google Is Free

Awhile back I was on twitter reading random tweets that were on my TL. Someone tweeted why do people pay money to have consultants when Google is free. Which, several thoughts came to mind about the person who said this but I thought this would be a perfect article to write on why you should use a consultant when launching a business regardless if Google is free.

Information Source

Google populates countless articles in less than milliseconds on any topic that you can think of. You are crowdsourcing information from untrusted sources to be your relability when running your business. This is a huge no go when it comes to business. You will forever be lost and confused by crowdsourcing verse having reliable expert from your industry guiding you.

Experience + Knowledge

When you’re working one on one with a reputable consultant who has vast knowledge and understanding of your industry you are receiving knowledge and experience. The key word in the previous sentence is reputable. Yes, I do realize more and more people are launching their own “coaching” or “consulting” companies however if you hire the right one after intensive research you be lead by the right person.

4 Things a consultant can offer you that Google can't. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #advice #blogging


Google can not provide you accountability when you’re on your journey. It can provide you countless acticles that you can read or even forms but Google is not going to be there when you need to speak to someone. I have talked to clients at 1am because issues. I have built websites. I have cheered them on countless times to let them know they can. Every women who consults with me has a network that they can reach out to when they need help and support.

More Than Advice

People think that I only give business advice. One of the primary things I work on with clients is understanding the correlation that happens between business and their personal lives. Most people don’t realize the two work hand in hand. Consulting isnt always about one thing when it comes to business its about everything that effects it directly or indirectly. Working on women and mens self confiences. Guiding them through paying off debt and understand money management. Praying together about kids, family, jobs, money, relationships and much more.

Just becomes something is free doesnt make it better. Just someone charges doesnt make it better than free advice either. There is a happy medium for the two and its finding whats right for you and your small business. Consulting is more than spending an hour with someone helping them build their dreams of a business. There is so much work to it that the outside world doesn’t comprehend. Google is a great tool to help those who have limited funds and cannot afford to pay for a consultant immediately. However, I highly suggest at some point you do hire someone to guide you when it comes to your business. Even if its media relation or pr classes to how to brand your business the right way. 

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