Three Elements To Start Using Now In Mailchimp

Email marketing is something I personally feel is not discussed enough on how it can elevate your business with minimal work on your part. When I state the minimal work aspect, it refers to creating funnels, workflows, segmentation, and the actual content. If you need help with those aspects, I would recommend hiring someone off Fiverr to help you. Today, I will chat with you about three things you can do yourself in the next 24 hours with email marketing. There are three elements to start using now in Mailchimp that I am betting you didn’t even notice before. 

Landing Page

Mailchimp now allows you to build an excellent landing page for your audience when they first sign up for your email marketing. First, if you’re not familiar with what a landing page is, it is a standing alone page via your website or a third-party app that you can provide information and collect data, aka email address from users. Mailchimp offers a variety of templates for you to use when designing your landing page

If you need some ideas around creating a landing page, I wrote an article teaching you how to utilize a landing page to grow your business. Or you can search “landing page” on the website, and several articles pop up on the matter.

Abandon Cart 

Abandon carts cost businesses on average millions of dollars a year, and you need to make sure you’re reducing your bounce rate at checkout. Say you’re online visiting a boutique that you have browsed in the past, and you add several things to your cart. Next thing, you know you get distracted, and hours later, you forget to go back to check out. Or even the ideology of you was going to check out, and they were charging $9.95 for shipping, so you abandon your cart. 

An abandoned cart email can be set up for a drip campaign to make the user come back in purchase. To entice the customer, they might provide a discount or free shipping, or as Target does, they send you an email stating “you forgot something in your cart.” Mailchimp has an abandoned cart that does 1 hour, 6 hours, or 24 hours to help retrieve the purchase. You will set up how quickly you want to bring the customer back. Using Target, for example, they do it within an hour or you abandoning your cart. Consumers abandon their carts for 1. cost 2. shipping cost or 3. they got distracted. I suggest that all clients include a discount of 10 to 15% off to entice them to finish the purchase. 

Here are four ways to grow your sales with an abandoned cart feature. 

Integration With Key Apps, Websites, and Plugins 

Finally, most business owners are only skimming the top with email marketing by having a place to hold their list. Mailchimp has countless integrations such as; Facebook, WordPress, Linkedin, Patreon, Eventbrite, Google Analytics, and much more. All these integrations are designed to help you step your business up to the next level. Yes, there are fees to leave the free plan, but the goal is to scale, right? Then it takes money to make money, and these integrations will help you along the way.

These three elements are something you need to start utilizing today in Mailchimp. They all will help you scale your business over time. When you send out email marketing, you can connect your audience and ultimately make money. If you want to learn more about email marketing, I have several articles on the subject matter and can be found by using the search bar.

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