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Squad Goals: The Five Types Of People Who You Should Have Surrounding You

We have all heard you become the five people you surround yourself with, but so many people do not take this to heart. When I was in my twenties I wanted to hold onto everyone who came into my life. Even those I know had no plans for growth or ambition. Yes, there were days I was beyond frustrated by their actions, but I should’ve been even more mad with myself. I continued to surround myself with those I knew who were not aligned with my future. 

I believe there is five different types of individuals who you must surround yourself with if you really want your squad to win.

The Creative Type

This is the friend you can run your ideas by and they provide you the best marketing ideas ever. I happen to be the creative type always learning and trying to stretch my ability of seeing things differently. The world tells me one thing, but I say no there is a better way that will work. The creative type will keep you on your toes helping you expand your vision for life.

The Financial Guru

This is the friend who is constantly running the numbers. They might work in the financial industry or they just have a knack for numbers. If you are looking to get out of debt, save money or increase your bottom line they have the answer. I have several friends like this. Liz is my financial banker and friend. She is always breaking information down for me. We talk about getting out of debt, managing my wealth and she even help me understand ROTH IRA verse Tradition IRA.

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The Knowledge Seeker

I might just be this friend too because on average I read 60 to 100 books a year. My thirst for knowledge is constantly growing. One thing, I use to do all the time is share my reads on social media so others could learn too. You want a bookworm around you to share their vast knowledge. So many times, I have found out great tidbits by reading a book. When I find out these gems I don’t hoard them, I share them with my online community.

The Adventurous One

The adventurous one is the friend who helps us step out of our comfort zone to achieve new heights. We need this friend to help pursue our deep desires of our hearts. They are constantly trying new things and opening our eyes to what the world has to offer. They not see stumbling blocks but instead they see stepping stones that carry us to the next level in life.

The Believer

Personally, believe we all are the believers who help our friends when it seems the world is closing in on them. When you are taking a leap of faith or struggling in life the believer is your champion. They encourage you on a whole new level. There worship and prayer game is A1. They have walked where you are planning on walking. They dig deep in them to share what has transpired in their life. They are inspiration in the darkest times. When you believe your idea is stupid they have a 12 page outline powerpoint proving you wrong and telling you why you need to go after.

Take a moment to really audit your squad goals to make sure that the people who surrounded you are actually going places. Too many times we keep individuals around with their expiration date has past. Hurting our growths as individuals.

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