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Hello everyone! My name is Brandi Howard. I have had the pleasure of guest blogging before on Imperfect Concepts. I’ve answered some of your questions in the past on Trademarks, finances, legal mistakes, and have even posted about the importance of limiting your liability. And as I’m sure you’ve already heard from Tasha, this month I’ll be launching a legal education website for small business women called, “Brandi Howard Law Education for Entrepreneurs” (BHL).

As a litigator, I have represented business people who were sued because they weren’t proactive about protecting their business. Their problems usually stemmed from never implementing proper business practices; like getting everything in writing before engaging in business with other people. It’s not easy as an attorney to get someone out of a situation when they haven’t been doing the proper record keeping that’s needed nor do they have a paper trail to prove their defense. I realized by empowering business owners with legal knowledge, I would be equipping them with the tools necessary to prevent bad things from happening to them.

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That’s why on Monday you’ll find a gorgeous, legal education website with guides and templates for legal documents necessary for your business; including models for terms of service, privacy policies, and disclaimers, for starters. These documents are important for those of you who have websites connected to your business or if you have ecommerce platforms, collect emails for newsletters, or provide advice or opinions (like on a blog). The guides explain the importance of each legal document, as well as, they will provide models for you to use.

You’ll also find a blog on the website that will be updated regularly with new posts all about different legal topics pertaining to your business, including how to hire contractors and employees (and differentiating the two); starting and terminating relationships (whether employee, client, or otherwise); identifying and selecting legal counsel; negotiating the basics; protecting your intellectual property; engaging in partnership agreements; selling your business; and so much more.

BHL is not a legal practice; it is a legal education company. We may be able to refer you to attorneys to represent you, but our mission and goal is to educate you so that you are a better business person and to ensure that you have a well-protected business. While BHL is a service provider to you, it is also a community and a place for dialogue. As we develop, we will take your feedback, questions, and comments to create educational tools to assist you as you start and grow your business.  Our goal is to be a resource and while giving you what you need. So, if you don’t see something on our site or haven’t heard that we are developing a tool you need, then let us know!  We are committed to being interactive and so we can grow with you.


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