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Six Ways To Build Your Service Based Business Income Stream

This past March marked three years running a service based business and I truly love it. When I first started, I was just as lost regarding the process of doing stuff. One thing I knew for sure was I need another income outside of one on one consulting. Especially, since I was new and industry without huge accolades behind my name. Immediately, started researching how to create passive income for my business was super exciting. Only issues was so many things felt like gimmicks and not who I was. Later, after almost 2 years of creating digital products I wrote Passive Income: Make Money In Your Sleep. That ebook helped so much of my audience flush out their ideas and create their passive income funnel.


I am a writer at heart, my grammar might suck at times but I love conveying things in the written word. Maybe because I love a great book. eBooks are the easiest way to get into the passive income market and create a stream of income stream. One thing, I like to remind people the world is constantly changing and what was fact yesterday might not be a week from now. There is always a novice who needs a guide. There are several tools such as; Canva to help you create your ebook for free or low cost.

Talking about how you can establish income with eCourse, eBooks, conferences and more for your service based business. | Imperfect Concepts


This is something that I truly love for service based businesses to create. There are those who learn by reading and others who need to see what you’re doing. Last year, I spent a bulk of the year working on trying to launch Kick Start Your eCommerce towards the end I realized that I was forcing the content verses creating what my audience needed. KSYE eCourse is being designed with the Tasha from seven years ago in mind. This is a great tool for the user who wants to take their time learning. Its a step up from ebooks in pricing.


I have a love hate relationship with webinars if people make them to gimmick filled and all about the sales pitch at the end. However, if you’re honest about the content your going to provide the customers I believe its a great tool to use. There are a plethora of people who use Periscope, Google Hangout and Facebook live to honest webinars that provide solid content for their users to implement.


To be honest, working one one one with a business owner excites me so much. Watching their faces when they have aha moment. Starting a consulting business has been very interesting and insightful for my growth as business owner and personal life. Yes, if you have a service based business in graphic design you can still consult. You can consult up graphic designers, you can consult on font pairing, you can consult on how to find the right graphic designer for your project. If you’re wanting to help people I believe consulting is a great field. Personally, I have been able to consult big companies on working with small business too. There is a world of options.

Q&A Session

This is something I recently started myself called “Buy Tasha Coffee”. Its a means for my readers and audience to ask me questions without the heavy price tag of an one on one consult. As, I stated earlier I remember the Tasha from seven years ago, when money was extremely tight and needing a guide. My audience is able to ask me up to 10 questions for certain amount. Receiving specific advice for their needs verses general content they would find on the blog, youtube or newsletter.


Conferences are my jam because I am able to network, learn and connect with people from all over. Showcasing your expertise on a conference level really adds to how your audience sees you. Don’t think you need to be speaking at BlogHer or Alt Summit to have this impact you can speak at local or state wide conferences. Its all about positioning yourself and your business as a thought leader in your industry.

Adding extra streams of income to your service based business not only increases your revenue it increases your expertise for your audience. Best tip on creating your streams is think what problem can you solve.

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