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Help Your Clients Go From Indecisive To Decision Makers

Let me give you a scenario to think about…You have successfully launched your own service based company. A vast amount of individuals have signed up for your low-cost consultations. They are excited to work with you because you leverage social media to build brand awareness and they know you’re the best company for them. However, after the consultation they become indecisive on which package is right for them. They can’t decide between digital products, eBooks, eCourses, eUniversities or something else your offering. You caused this problem and there is a simple way to fix it. 

Too Many Options

When I first started consulting, I offered four different packages. They aligned with four of the eBooks I had written. I thought that the best way to consult clients was by separating those subject matters and teaching them insight. What I didn’t forecast was the fact that people would see it as too many options; needing even more help deciding which package was right for them. This is the same whether you offer consulting, eCourses, eUniversities, or another option. You’ve given your clients too many options to choose from, and they are having a tough time selecting which service or product is right for their business or personal needs.

Narrow Your Business Focus

In the article, Characteristics of The Ideal Client, we discussed the importance of knowing who your future and current clients are. Having a portfolio of 200, but, prospective clients can’t see the brand cohesion or how you can solve their problem, is most certainly detrimental to your business. Narrow the focus of your company. I personally focus on kick starting eCommerce platforms for clients. That entails us working on their marketing, social media, wholesale, vending, customer relations, and more. However, my goal is to get them online with a website that they love, in X amount of days, within their budget.

Sharing insight on how you can teach your clients on becoming decision makers.

Mediocre Products

Do a simple audit of your products and services that you currently offer on your website. Which ones are selling and which ones aren’t. Diffuse the low sellers out and focus on making the top ones featured products and services. You should be proud of every product you put out. People always want to be first to market, there in lies one of the reasons why mediocre products are put out, and customers are not excited to purchase.

Giveaway Information

My most valuable tool to date is, the free content that I give away daily. Consumers learn more about who I am as a business owner, solely off of the information I provide; before I even take a penny from them. Let’s put it this way, you learn by reading, googling, and growing thick skin in the game. Outside of that, are there really any trade secrets that your future customers can’t learn on their own? They are coming to you because of the expertise. You can curate the content you share with them. It doesn’t have to be all the tricks in your bag. You can designate specific content to share for free. Make sure they understand the value in your paid content. What my consumers are paying for is way more than what I share on here or social media. Consultations are focused solely on the clients needs. Not everyone else’s.

How can you use these tips to help your clients go from an indecisive thinker to a confident decision maker in a short period of time?

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