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Small Investments That Can Help You Grow Your Business

Running a small business can be very costly at times without you realizing what is happening. This is why having a bookkeeping software and keeping a running budget is essential in gaining financial success. We as owners do not realize how they can add up and they’re adding up in the wrong categories. Today, however I want to share six small investments that can help you grow your business.

Stock Photos

In the last, three years the stock photography market has had amazing growth because of the need from other business owners who can not afford to hire a personal photographer themselves. When I first started I would look on Etsy to find images to utilize. Know you have several affordable option. A couple months ago, I finally took the plunge and signed up for a monthly subscription. Six month subscription that provides me 25 high quality images for only $29. There are a plethora of subscription stock photo companies you can sign up for, research to find the right one for you.

Virtual Assistant

A couple years back I had a virtual assistant that worked for $9 an hour for 5-10 hours a week. This was extremely helpful in responded to emails, marketing, setting up social media, working on the copywriting for this website and more. Having a VA can really help you if you’re struggling in one of the areas I mentioned above. Constantly hearing people say they don’t have time to set up email marketing, automate social media and more. Hire someone from a freelance website to help you.


I love a well crafted eCourse that help me solve the issues I am currently having. In the last two years, I have taken hand lettering, email marketing and design courses. Recently, I took an eCourse on how to jazz up my youtube channel. It was so fun to learn tips and tricks that never crossed my mine. In my opinion, these tips have helped make my channel and page look even more professional.

Six investments your small business should be making this year. | Imperfect Concepts


Just like eCourse if you can lead me in a workshop that provides aha moments and worth its weight in gold I am all for it. For two years, in a row I was able to attend Youtube Creator Day workshop that is all day at a Google office. You are meeting Youtubers from all over and learning what works and doesn’t work. Taking that knowledge to help grow my youtube channel. Before social media got huge and everyone was trying to understand it I remember taking free classes at the library that really helped me.

Social Media Automation

Sorry not sorry there is no reason why your small business doesn’t have a presence online. There is a plethora of free and paid tools that can automate your post. Hootsuite, Buffer and Planoly all over a paid version of their app or program to help you make sure you have an online presence even when you can not be online. In the Kick Start Your eCommerce program I am creating, I break down how four hours a month will having you look like your always on even when your not.

Business Consultant

One thing I know for sure this is something everyone needs. You don’t need someone who is a million dollars and hour. You need someone who guide you and provide the information that Google can’t. Someone who has been there before and wanting to give you the right way verses several miss turns you would’ve taken on your own. Being able to have a fresh set of eyes on your business changes things in a great way for you. If you’re wanting to get some advice from me, actually you can buy me coffee and I’ll have an answer for you.

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