Kick Start Your eCommerce is an Imperfect Concepts Boutique, LLC company. We established, KSYE out of the need of helping women business owners learn at their own pace and on their own terms. Tasha the owner of KSYE, has learned first hand that you can read an ebook or attend a workshop, but it is not enough to truly facilitate the learning process on certain projects. You need to be able to access what you have learned on the go and practice on your own time.

Kick Start Your eCommerce will focus on video content that will be affordable and accessible to the masses. All video content is downloadable so you can watch at any time that is convenient to you.

Video Content 

An online resources for the small business owner that needs visual one on one consulting in there lives without the hefty price tag. KSYE was designed to help you seamlessly walk through key aspects of your business that we sometimes a fumble through without a guide.

Watch videos on subject matter ranging from Instagram styling, Mailchimp, graphic design, product photos, launching a product or service company websites and much more.



The program is a four session eCourse. Chalked to the brim with a plethora of information you need to launch your business this weekend, if you like. KSYE eCourse session videos cover;

1. Automation of Social Media 2. Building Your Own Self Hosted Website 3. Designing Your Own Flatlay Images 4. Email Marketing with Mailchimp

In addition to that, I included five bonus videos that cover Marketing, Designing Next Purchase Cards, Community, Positive Mind frame & Day Designation and three bonus documents to help you along the way.

Link to Purchase: KSYE full eCourse 




KSYE Thumbnail Automation Of Social Media



Learn how to automate your social media channels for your small business. Automation of Social Media: video will guide you through the process setting up automation on Planoly and Hootsuite. Setting up automation should take you on average 4-5 hours a month! Yes, this will save your small business so much time.

Link to Purchase: KSYE Automation Of Social Media






KSYE thumbnail mailchimp-2



Send email marketing campaigns like a boss with this video session on how to utilize Mailchimp for your small business. Email Marketing: Mailchimp video will guide you through the process setting up your account, creating subscriber list, design templates and sign up forms.

Link to Purchase: KSYE Email Marketing Mailchimp





KSYE Thumbnail Styled Imagery For Social Media



Visual content matters in a world where a photo can say a thousand words. Yes, I know you’re not a great photographer. However, Styled Imagery For Social Media is for the beginner. Starting exactly where you are. No, need to spend $15 to $65 per stock image when you can create your own with this video.

Link to Purchase: KSYE Styled Imagery For Social Media





We strive to create the best content for our audience by crowdsourcing your thoughts, opinions and ideas on what we need to create. By purchasing KSYE product or services you agree to our Terms Of Service Privacy Policy

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