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Snail Mail For Small Business

Snail Mail is coming back with vengeance or that’s what I would love to believe and so would the USPS. However, there is a small truth to it when you look at the growth of companies focused in this particular industry. More and more individuals are becoming nostalgic about the days of yesteryear. Calligraphy businesses are booming and paper based companies focused on letter pressing, thank you cards and more are launching. This is why snail mail is a great tool for your small business to use. 

Promotional Cards

Promotional cards are still a great investment if you are a local business with a store front. Are you launching a new product or opening up a second location? Designing a card and welcoming the local community to the event should be at the top of your list. Even if you are not a local business you can do the same thing to build online buzz. Create a postcard size mailer that will be disturbed to your top customers. By sending this card out to an exclusive group of people you are:

  1. Creating Marketing Buzz
  2. Showing Your Customers They Are Valued
  3. Developing Strong Ties With Your Target Demographic

Thank You Cards

Everyone knows my love for thank you cards and how I am over-obsessed with them. Most people have a wide selection of tea’s in their house. I currently have thirty different thank you card selections. Just recently I read this great article in More Magazine about two women going after their dreams. It truly inspired me and I believed it would inspire several clients. So I included it in a thank you card for them. Sending cards lets your clients know they matter; “thank you” goes a long way. Don’t just wait for them to buy something, send a just because card.

Some of my favorite card selections are from Ink Meets Paper, CJW Design Company, H. Nichols Illustration & Sugar Paper LA.

Holiday Cards

For the last 4 years our holiday cards have gone out the day after Thanksgiving. This is a great way to say “Hi I am still in business, come shop with us”. If you have an online boutique that sales jewelry, handbags, or clothes you can use your holiday collection images. This can entice customers to shop those particular pieces you carry. A list of all your customer or clients addresses can be created with a simple excel spreadsheet. Use Avery shipping labels and post them on the post cards. For your very special clients you can do handwritten notes. Thousands can be sent out and mass-produced all you need to do is sign your name and add few extra notes at the bottom.

Snail mail is a great way to stay in front of your idle customers and especially your loyal customer base. Erika of Mail Models has turned her Instagram account into a great, successful business; proving that people love receiving snail mail. How can you use these ideas from above to help your business?

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