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Stylish Creative Entrepreneur Looks For Fall

Being stylish is not just limited to models, editors, or your favorite bloggers. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can be just as or even more stylish with their looks. It seems there is more networking, meets ups, and conferences in the fall than the spring, in my opinion. Or people just wanting to meet over a cup of coffee to get to know you better. First impressions can make or break your future partnership or investor deal.

Coffee Meetup

Casual Coffee Meeting

Two very different looks for you to try for a coffee meet up. If you are meeting a potential business partner business causal works very well. Especially if they might be investing money into your business later down the line. If you are meeting a local blogger friend you can be slightly more casual in your style.

Business Casual Coffee Meeting

Local Networking Event

Local Networking Event

Treat this outfit as a business casual look for a meeting. You don’t always have to be in a full suit with crisp white shirt, but don’t pull out your sequins blouse just yet.

Workshop Classes

Blogger workshop Look

You can be more casual at these type of events. Everyone in the room will be your peers striving to learn; not there to impress each other. Don’t show up in sweats & Uggs but do come groomed and dressed nicely. Cameras will be there. First look is more for a blogger bootcamp workshop and the second is for a more professional workshop class.

Professional Workshop Outfit

Conference Attire

Professional Conference Outfit

Personally when I attend tech, finance, or media conferences there is a lower number of women at events. So, I make sure I am extremely polished and professional. Wanting to leave a lasting impression on the executives that I meet.

Professional Speaker Conference Outfit

Surveying the type of event you will be attending is important. Especially big conferences or workshops that happen yearly. Check to see what past attendees have worn. This will give you examples of what to wear to the function you are attending.

Shea of Curve and Confidence writes a lifestyle blog and showcases her office style. Several of her outfits are perfect for all the looks listed above. Especially her quilted skirt outfit she wore last week.

How does your fall differ from your spring and summer style?

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