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Five Investments I Made This Month To Help Grow Small Business

Last month, I started a new series on the investment I make with my business. I wanted to show what tools or resources I am utilizing to grow my business. Last month, my big money investment was Grammarly and a couple of other things. This month, there were more changes in the behind the scene stuff that takes time to bring things to fruition and life for my business.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Okay, I am be completely honest since the start of the year I wanted to revamp my Pinterest for growth of my business. For the longest, Pinterest was my relax no stress social media platform. Crazy thing is I was a beta tester for Pinterest when it launched several years ago and have 5K followers that I was not leveraging to my advantage. Guess, it was the pride that my blog and business grew by word of mouth that I wanted to stick with. Or the fact my SEO was pretty darn good and Google was my number one refer. Anyways, I took the plunge with Tailwind as a way to schedule my pins to various boards. I have noticed more repins and followers since there is a consistent schedule content being shared 24/7/365. They have a free option for Tailwind, but I took the jump after I got a $30 off coupon. If you want to start scheduling your pins I suggest signing up. Here is a link that gives you $15 off to join Tailwind.*

New Banking Account

I am loyalist by default and it has cost my business drastically by sticking with the same bank over the years versus shopping around. Establishing a relationship with your banker does impact how you do business with your bank, but my banker moved cross country and that should’ve been a sign. Once she left, it felt like the branch and customer service went downhill. In addition to that, fraud kept happening on my account. I made the leap to Chase Business Banking this month and thus far they have been extremely helpful. When I opened my account, I received a $300 cash bonus! That always sweetens the deals. That money will be dedicated to Facebook ads I will start running in December for Business Bestie.

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Website Plugins For Business Bestie

When I first launched my company I learned a long time ago, you can score a WordPress theme for $79.99 but those plugins you need to run it will cost you! Business Bestie takes several paid plugins to get it how I like it. Sometimes, those uncharges annoy me, but thankfully I budget for them. In addition to that, I will be paying for custom work in December and January to truly make the website unique experience for the users not only listing their companies but searching the database.

Filing Cabinet

I know this sounds like a weird investment, but I needed to get all my files in order and one place. Let’s just say all my documents were all over the places making it cluster on my desk and everywhere else in my audience. Three days this month I sat down on the ground and organized all my stuff. Everything is in a folder and it makes it so much easier to me. This brings clarity to my mind and I no longer feel like a cluster trying to find something. I am actually preparing myself for 2017 and where I want to take my business.

Advertising On Instagram

Okay, I tried to invest with another blog on Instagram this month. Last month, the ROI was complete trash to be honest. Both times they were low entry investment cost, but I assumed my target audience would be there since everyone wants to start a business. Oh boy, was I wrong. Going to move away from Instagram advertising even if my favorite influencers say they have my audience. Two failed times have shown me they don’t.

Making these small investments each month truly does help me in so many ways. No matter if you’re budget monthly to invest in your business is $100 find the money to do so. Instagram investments back to back months has shown me pages can have your audience but don’t bring you a return on investment.

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