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Community Matters: Why I Launched Business Bestie

Finally happy to say that Business Bestie has launched on the world wide web. Starting this company has been years in the making of me wanting to have a movement that supports the local and online community in one place. A couple of years back, I had this thought of “Support Locally Virtually”. It didn’t go anywhere, and I didn’t move much outside of buying the domain name. However, in the last seven years of running a multiple businesses, I realized a couple of things that brought me here. What I realized are the same things other women business owners learn once they start their journey of entrepreneurship.

  • It can be extremely lonely at times
  • You want to support other women business owners, but don’t know where to find them
  • Wanting a community of people you can connect with

These are just some of things I realized at the start of my business. As my business grows and I learn more daily regarding maintaining a business in the digital space, I knew there needed to be a corner for us to meet. One singular place where we could

  • List our businesses in a directory
  • Search for local business owners
  • Find someone to have coffee with
  • Support each other by shopping their online stores or brick and mortar

All the social media websites out there such as; Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin or even Twitter are great means to connect with others. However, you would have to search through so many things only to maybe hit a dead end of someone who closed their store down or stop running their service based business.

You belong in a community of fearless women business owners supporting each other. | Imperfect Concepts

The Power of Community

My company has soared to levels I would not have done on my own through having a community surrounding my business. Often, we forget it takes a village to raise a child. Your business is an infant going through this world alone. Truly image what it would be like to have ten women who are like-minded that you meet up with once a month over coffee. You can use fancy terms such as mastermind group or something else wonderful. Or you can simply call it your business community. Women who have become your Business Bestie. When I am lost when it comes to my business, I reach out to others. They see things I don’t see and bring clarity. Community gives you support that you sometimes do not get at home or from friends. Not everyone is meant to run a business or become an entrepreneur and that at times makes it hard for loved ones to understand what we are going through.

Increase Sales Locally, Nationally and Internationally

Currently, I reside in Killeen, Texas that has a population of 134,714 residents. Imperfect Concepts as a company has readers in Japan, Netherlands, Paris, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria to name a few all places with millions and billions of people residing. Think I have a global impact and live in a relatively small city. Business Bestie was established not only so you can have a community surrounding you, but for you to increase your business reach. Your product in Australia can change lives in the US, but you do not have the connections to those people. Listing your business on the BB platform allows you to have that reach.

Advertising and marketing can be expensive at times and things can get lost in the sauce. I know more and more people are looking for means to get there business out there and increase their SEO ranking. The great thing about an online directory is the website is updated either daily or weekly. Search engine will constantly have new information not only shared regarding Business Bestie but your company listing too.

Personally, I want to find more amazing women business owners to support in my community and online across the global. I want a community that understands what I am going through and sees the importance of supporting. Sign up to list your business on Business Bestie today.

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