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How To Find The Time & Money For Your New Small Business

My goal with launching Kick Start Your eCommerce courses was to help remove the excuses people from when wanting to open up their own business. Personally, I believe there are two reasons people constantly use when it comes to investing in their dreams. They are “I have no time to go after my dreams” or “money is tight, and I can’t afford to invest.” Most people are living in their comfort zone and the lies they tell themselves to keep them happy, warm and exactly where they are. 

Finding The Time

Yes, I am very luckily that I can work on my business full time. However, most people might not realize this also gives me a reason to be lazy. You have to be very structured and focused when it comes to your dreams. At any moment, you can slip and think oh I work for myself I don’t to put in all those hours and work super hard, I am my boss. I personally, work four and half days a week. This was something I set into place late last year, because I was constantly travelling on the weekends to Austin or Houston. Spending my Friday mornings working sending emails and communiticating with clients. Then maybe doing an hour lunch with a friend or meeting all before hitting the road.

To say, I am a firm believer in Power In One Hour its something I will always stand by when it comes to starting the process of running a small business. If you tell me that you work a 9 to 5, I will state that you can use one hour a day to move your business forward. It’s about having laser focus and stating with the task at hand. Three of KSYE courses; Automation of Social Media, Email Marketing Mailchimp and Styled Imagery for Social Media can be done within one hour a day. That is providing your business content that is needed to have an online presence and provide customers much need information via email.

Here’s another thing about finding time. If you want it bad enough you will make the time not the excuse. It’s easy to create an excuse and lay with it. It’s hard to put ourselves out there and trust what we are doing will have an impact. That’s the risk you take being a small business owner. Yes, waking up early or going to bed later does work but you need to make an appointment with your business. You need to set a standing date with growing your business.

18 ways to bring a stream of cash in to help you fund your new idea or small business.

Finding The Money

Most small businesses can launch with having a startup budget of $500-$3000. That is not a whole lot of money, but it seems like that if there is no structure or plan in place on how to run this business concept. Here is several ways to create serious cash flow for your new venture;

  1. Drive a car for Lyft
  2. Become an Uber Driver
  3. Do freelance work on Fiverr or Elance
  4. Run errands for people with Taskrabbit
  5. Open a new checking account with Chase you will receive $150 (direct deposit required)
  6. Walk dogs in your neighborhood
  7. Sell clothing/accessories or shoes on Poshmark
  8. Sell items on eBay
  9. Mow some lawns
  10. Wash cars
  11. Run errands for your neighbors or elderly
  12. Do copywriter work on a freelance website
  13. Work for instacart
  14. Set up social media platforms for local businesses
  15. Writing Business or Marketing Plans
  16. Take extra shifts at your current job
  17. Cut going out to eat
  18. Remove affordable luxuries for 90 days.

All these ideas and a million more you can think of can establish the funds needed to bring capital to your small business. While you’re implementing one of these to help you create the stream of funds, you will put working on your dreams on hold. It’s time to drop any excuse that allows you to stay in your comfort zone and truly push your business.

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