You might be wondering why I write about business instead of fashion. Simply put, writers should talk about what you are passionate about. Yes, I enjoy fashion, shopping and vintage just as much as the next person, but it isn’t something I constantly think about. Even as a niche business owner, I’m not passionate about writing about vintage fashion. There are so many bloggers that write about vintage, and as much as I adore vintage, I would rather fill the gaps.

What’s more, I don’t feel that there are any true website catering to creative women business owner out there. Most business blogs tend to focus on tech, health or finance driven companies. Elite Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford graduates founded these companies, have famous parents who are famous or they have clients who are celebrities.

Those blogs focus on the 5% of the small business community that a majority of us will never be in. They are not talking about the business owners building natural product lines in their parent’s garage. No one cares for the type of small businesses I’m working with until they actually reach the pinnacle of overnight success.

So yes, I’d rather blog about business owner’s struggles. I’d rather blog about what I’ve been through. I’d rather have a blog that I wish I could’ve read four years ago when I started.

When I did have a personal blog, I wasn’t passionate about it. For this reason, I updated it every other week and wasn’t motivated to write articles. Here at Imperfect Concepts, inspiration hits when I’m about to close my eyes to sleep.

Imperfect Concepts will turn into a multimedia company that helps guide other business owners. It’s because that’s what I’m passionate—the small business community. Excited for the revamp and changes coming in the near future. Stay tune for the updates


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Imperfect Concepts is the premier destination for the creative women business owners looking for how to guides, tips, motivation & inspiration.

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