Four Investments I Made This Month To Help Grow Small Business

Today, I want to introduce you to a new series for Imperfect Concepts. My vision and mission for the company is to help a million women through entrepreneurship by providing the right tools, resources and insight they need. This series focuses on the tools I use to grow my business. Every month, the number I tools I invested in will be different or resources will be something out of the ordinary. Its great to write a blog post sharing the latest tools and resources on the market. Its even better to outline why I chose these tools to help me propel my companies. Without further a due here are the tools that really helped my business this month.


I have know about Grammarly for almost two years, but I was hesitant about investing the money in the program. In the past, I have had copywriter interns and then a freelancer working for me. Then this past February it was just me. As you all know, I am dyslexic and my grammar and spelling is not that great. This was a huge investment for my business mainly, because I truly wanted people to take my advice seriously and not focus on my run on sentences. Over this past month, I have gone through all my past post from February to now. The program is super to easy to use with wordpress. I purchased the quarterly one, but I believe  I will upgrade to yearly.
Website Theme

Stock Images

Yes, I have a course that teaches you how to make your own styled imagery for social media, but I wanted more of a human feel for Business Bestie. You see starting this month non stop ads will run on social media platforms inviting like minded women to join an online community and directory. I wanted images that resonated not just a flatlay of my laptop, agenda and some coffee. Images of when you looked at them you saw a piece of you. Investing in real life stock images was a great choice providing me with a wide varitey of images for my platform.


Learn why I invested money into Facebook ads, website themes and more to help grow my small business. | Imperfect Concepts

Social Media Ads

This month, I worked with several Instagram accounts to promote my launch of Kick Start Your eCommerce. We all read pages on social media that advertise bouquties, clothes, hair and all that jazz. They all say reach out to get rates. Thats exactly what I did. Honestly, its a little nerve wrecking paying someone not knowing if you will get a ROI, but let me just say I had a wonderful experience and if a page has your target audience it truly does help. In recent months, there has been a surge to start your own business and support black owned businesses. Those two points really helped my business by advertising with platforms that would reach my target audience. Next month, I will try Facebook ads. This month, I tried setting them up but failed several times being denied. So, I will be hiring someone to design them and write the copy.


This might not seem like some wow thing, but actually saying I need to invest in who I am and who I want to be was huge. The month of September I didn’t just launch Kick Start Your eCommerce, but Business Bestie soft launch is happening very soon! That was a plethora of work to get out of my way and believe. Both projects virtually started at the same time 18 months ago. Emailing and texting my best friend Brandi regarding Trademarks, Terms of Service and Privacy policies. We tend to get in our own way too freaking often stopping what is beautiful from happening. For almost three weeks, I have been creating limitless movement with bold action. Daily removing whatever limit I have set before myself to create something better.

Super excited to start this new series sharing the investments I make monthly to drive my business forward. I believe in sharing tools throughout the various stages they take my business. Hopefully, I will be able to do follows up some of these investments in a couple months to stay if they worked even better later on.

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