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Five Ways To Stop Being Fake Busy And Become Super Productive

Today is September 28th, 2016 and I have completed my 3o minute morning jog, designed 12 blog graphics, edited one six minute and 23-second Youtube video, designed Youtube thumbnail, created Youtube end card, paid my credit card bills, went to the bank, and wrote four blog post all before 7 pm. Oh yeah, I started my day at 9 am that’s when I went on my jog. You see most people would say omg you got a lot done in a day I could never do that. The thing is yes you can. The issue that arises is most people are fake busy not being productive. Too many people are cut up in being fake busy that they are not able to be productive on a daily basis.

Set Real Goals That Push You

Quick question what are your goals for November? Can you list them without having to check your phone or notebook? Most times people have goals that are passive and take them nowhere. Don’t get me wrong having the goal of being able to send your first newsletter to your subscribers is great. However, what are the purpose of sending the newsletter and the return of investment that you’re looking for? When you have goals that cause you to focus it’s easy to stay off social media.

Create Reminders Of What You Want To Achieve

In my planner, every day has a focus of what I want to achieve for the day. At the start of the week, it states what I am working towards. If you want to grow your social media numbers then having them posted on your planner or notebook will remind you that you need to work on your strategies and perfect what you’re currently working on. When I decided to be intentional with Instagram is when my business grew.

Day Designation

Honestly, I do not think I will ever get tired of talking about Day Designation because it has me focused to a new level that has helped my business sustain growth. Stop doing too much on one day if it’s not something you can do. I am able to get a lot shit done because I solely focus on that. I am not worried about having a presence on social media because it has all been automated. My focus is solely achieving task at hand. Determine what task you want to knock out the park that day. Be intentional on that is going to happen.

Let's stop glorifying fake busy and truly become productive when achieving our goals.

Block Distractions

Listen to this clearly your distractions are causing you from not achieving your goals, in turn you’re fake busy and mad you’re not further than you should be. Today, I have been on social media for a total of 30 minutes because I needed to get shit done and achieve my task for the day. Social media is one of the biggest distractions that causes us to go down the hole. We start comparison traps and more. There are several apps that will go into a somewhat don’t disturb mode that allows you to work with no notifications.

Find Your Work Schedule

There are so people who are super productive in the morning and others who can get everything done in the middle of the night. Do not feel you need to do the conventional work schedule in order to be productive. When I am designing a website I tend to not work in the morning so I can spend the hours of 5pm to midnight working. That’s what I have been doing for the last couple of years and it works.

Being fake busy is the greatest excuse we use in order not to be productive or achieve our goals.

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